Gifts for the Cara Delevingne Obsessed

This one’s for the Cara Delevingne fans, whether they’re the recipients or the givers, who haven’t started their shopping yet…

Cara Delevingne Gift Guide
  1. White+Warren Cashmere Beanie in Neon Orange, the quintessential Cara accessory. The beanie makes your lazy hair days that much easier by letting you hide them up while still standing out.
  2. Saint Laurent Plaid Backpack, this is actually 50% off right now! You can stash all your Cara-inspired gifts in one place.
  3. “The Future Is Female” Sweatshirt, inspired by a shirt worn by Alix Dobkin in 1975, all proceeds go towards Girl Up to promote girl’s safety, health, and education in developing countries.
  4. Sun Buddies x Opening Ceremony Type 02 Sunglasses, to shield your eyes from the sun in the coolest and most Cara way possible (i.e. she wears a lot of zany sunglasses and now you can too).
  5. Lion Figurine from Safari Ltd A true fan will get this reference right away; use this token to test the fan level!
  6. Burberry Kisses in Coral Pink Because no gift guide is complete without a new lipstick…
  7. Frends Headphones Silence is golden, much like these headphones. Tune the Christmas chaos out and relax to your favorite tunes!

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