Summer Sundress Guide: The Cutest and Coolest Dresses

Summer sundress season, the best season.

When the sun is finally high in the sky and your clunky winter boots are benched for the season…

There’s that one item hanging in your closet just waiting for when the flowers are in full bloom and the birds are out singing:

The sundress.


Sundresses were made for women by women.

No, really, that isn’t a flippant statement. It’s true, it’s history.

Lilly Pulitzer moved to Florida with her husband. With groves and groves of sweet Floridian oranges, what could they do with them? Open a juice stand.

But everyone knows what can happen when you have glass that’s a little too full: spills.

To disguise these juice stains from her prim white dresses, Lilly made a sleeveless dress inspired by the beauty around her. It camouflaged the stains AND looked adorable.


Lilly’s dear friend, Jackie Bouvier AKA Jackie O. got a hold of one of her sundresses and the rest is history (herstory?).

The floral sundress is a marking point to any summer girls’ carefree wardrobe.

It’s effortless. An outfit in and of itself. No need to worry about juice (or rosé) spills. You don’t need any other accessories… Everything is self-contained in this little free wheeling dress.

Need Outfit Inspo? Here’s How To Wear A Sundress?


A sundress doesn’t HAVE to have a fitted top and flare out at the bottom.
It also doesn’t have to be flowing, gauzy, and smock-like.

Like a fine piece of art, there is no right or wrong way to design or wear a sundress. But there are certain things to look for when choosing the perfect frock.

Finding The Right Sundress Checklist

  • Does it show off an asset that you love?
  • It’s not uncomfortably tight, is it?
  • Is it moderately trendy?

I.e. Bardot shoulders, cut-outs, etc… Those kinds of embellishments are NOT forever. If it is moderately trendy, go the high-street route/don’t pay over $150 USD for it.

  • Does it make you feel like the sun is shining even if it isn’t?
  • Do you want to wear it even if it isn’t sunny?

Bardot shoulders, cut-out backs, a lace-up front… Trends come and go but the cornerstone of the sundress remains the same:

It’s the most flattering dress in your closet. No matter what it always works for you.


Do you feel like the most summery, sun-soaked, adventure seeking, beach babe there is in it? Good, then that’s the right sundress for YOU.

There are inexpensive sundresses, expensive ones, and mid-priced sundresses…

Photo c/o Lily Aldridge/Vogue UK

As long as you can afford it (and not have to take out a mortgage buying it), the price shouldn’t stop you.

A Kate Moss Topshop pansy dress (if looked after properly) will last just as long as an Isabel Marant Hawaiian sundress.

It’s about the design — if the expensive one shines for you, go for it. If the cheaper dress cries out to take it home, oblige!

If you love the dress (and it isn’t obviously trendy), don’t let it get away.

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