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  • What I wore this week: Lots of meals out

    Tuesday: Manicure and pedicure appointment at Spa St. James. After that dismal pedicure in Panamá, where it got all smudged (likely because the top coat was old/gummy), this time I brought my own base polish, nail polishes, and top coat. For whatever reason (let’s be honest, it was probably because of some Kate Moss article), […]

  • What I wore this week: First week(-ish) in Montreal!

    HVN mini morgan cherry dress with a Prada bag and sneakers plus a G Label x Tabitha Simmons dress

    Wednesday: First day in Montreal! I haven’t been back to my home city in almost 10 years and things have changed. Instead of the grocery store or something practical, the first shop I went to was “Holt Renfrew Ogilvy,” Montreal’s luxury department store… Ogilvy’s used to be a high-end department store on De La Montagne […]

  • What I wore this week: Lunch and dinner(s) out

    Errand and dinner outfits

    Saturday: My mum has been adamant that my husband “needs” to go to Jimmy’s (a Panamanian institution that’s Greek-esque restaurant) before he leaves, so we went for lunch. My fringe is currently at that annoying growing out phase, so I ended up pinning it back because it just wasn’t cooperating. Left: HVN Paula dress with […]

  • What I Wore This Week: To the mall (of course) and Easter

    HVN dress and SLVRLAKE london jeans outfits

    Monday: Since I’m absolutely incapable of lying, I have to admit that this is an older outfit from a few weeks ago from when I went to scope out new Chanel shoes with my mum. Still worth sharing since these SLVRLAKE London jeans are A+… love an off-white pair of jeans, although I was in […]

  • What I Wore This Week: Forcing myself out of the house

    Wednesday: I’ve been feeling real down lately… so, to coax me out of the house and get a change of scenery, my husband lured me to the mall under the guise of checking out what’s new at the Hermés store. Nothing was particularly interesting at H, but we had a nice lunch (at Saquella in […]

  • What I Wore: Valentine’s Day staycation

    Monday: Since my husband and I are living with my parents for the next year-ish, we I needed a little break from being with them — and Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse. I wore this APC Madras dress (c. 2009) with HVN x Ancient Greek heart sandals en route (read: in the Uber) to […]

  • What I Wore: My mum’s birthday weekend

    Friday: Pedicure appointment! The last time I got my toes done was for my wedding last year in October. I really hate and am not good at doing my own pedicures, so this has been a long time coming. Wore this Frame jumpsuit in case of any splashing or lotion transfer with flip flops… in […]

  • What I Wore This Week: 4 Doctor Appointments/4 Outfits

    Wednesday: My OBGYN is just under a 10 minute walk from where I live, so wore this loose dress from Acacia (it’s called the Emmett dress in XS/P, if you were wondering) to avoid the heat and make changing super simple. Paired it with my trusty pair of K. Jacques Epicure sandals to look somewhat […]

  • What I wore this week: NYE to the first week of 2022

    Friday, Dec 31st 2021: I love dressing to a theme… especially for New Year’s Eve. My Instagram friend Mo was the reason I impulse purchased these Saks Potts trousers (they look better on her tbh) and they are so perfect for New Year’s Eve or any fun and fancy party. … then, because I got […]

  • Daily Summer Outfit: Christmas Party

    WHAT I’M DOING I’m going to a Christmas party tonight. Since it’s at night and my friend lives in the mountains, I’m able to wear a sweater… and since it’s Christmas… I’m pulling out my Bella Freud “Fairytale of New York” Christmas sweater (jumper if you’re British)! WHAT I WORE Bella Freud Fairytale of New […]