• Things I Would Buy: If I was getting married again

    Wedding dress picks

    Ever since my husband and I got married, I’ve been asking him if we can have another wedding and looking for more wedding dresses — these are some of the dresses I’d want to wear if/when we get married to each other again… Item(s): 1- Zandra Rhodes, Vintage Tiered Dress 2- Christian Dior, Vintage John […]

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  • What I wore this week: Lots of meals out

    Tuesday: Manicure and pedicure appointment at Spa St. James. After that dismal pedicure in Panamá, where it got all smudged (likely because the top coat was old/gummy), this time I brought my own base polish, nail polishes, and top coat. For whatever reason (let’s be honest, it was probably because of some Kate Moss article), […]

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  • The best alternative to vintage? Levi’s 501 skinny jeans review

    Levi's 501 Jeans Review womens

    If you’re a longtime reader, you’re likely absolutely sick of hearing me go on and on and on about elusive vintage Levi’s. … don’t worry, I’m over it too. In my final quest, I decided to just go ahead and get the pair of jeans that vintage Levi’s stem from: The 501 jeans. Let’s finally […]

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  • All the fit & sizing info you need | Re/Done denim shorts reviews

    Re/Done Denim Shorts Review

    To me, white denim = preppy. … and not in a good ironic-preppy Vampire Weekend way. Off-white denim though? Well, the gloves are off and (all my) wisdom teeth are out. I’m stronger now, I’m ready for the house off-white denim. … but, like Vampire Weekend’s single, “Step,” I can’t do it alone. Enter: Re/Done’s […]

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  • Nothing’s perfect, but… | my Madewell Perfect Jean Shorts review

    Madewell jean shorts review

    From Acne to Re/Done, with some pitstops in between, my efforts have been up and down. It’s like the past 5 years have revolved around finding the perfect pair of denim shorts. Some look great, but pinch my crotch. Others don’t look great, and, well, is there a point in going on about those? So, […]

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  • Gracefully cute dresses | Three Graces London sizing review

    Three Graces London review

    See, I have this problem where Selena Gomez has unwittingly become someone whose dresses I steal. … not in like the Bling Ring way. I’m not like breaking into houses to raid celebrities’ closets — it’s more of an Ariana Grande, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it,” metaphorical stealing […]

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  • What I wore this week: First week(-ish) in Montreal!

    HVN mini morgan cherry dress with a Prada bag and sneakers plus a G Label x Tabitha Simmons dress

    Wednesday: First day in Montreal! I haven’t been back to my home city in almost 10 years and things have changed. Instead of the grocery store or something practical, the first shop I went to was “Holt Renfrew Ogilvy,” Montreal’s luxury department store… Ogilvy’s used to be a high-end department store on De La Montagne […]

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  • Things I Would Buy: If I was part of the 1800’s London social season

    Bridgerton inspired womenswear

    Dearest readers, it is with regret that this author informs you that they were late to the party ball. However, it is with good reason that they write to you now. Bridgerton has wholly captured this author’s heart. If this was the Regency period, and social season, this is what this author would buy to […]

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  • What I wore this week: Lunch and dinner(s) out

    Errand and dinner outfits

    Saturday: My mum has been adamant that my husband “needs” to go to Jimmy’s (a Panamanian institution that’s Greek-esque restaurant) before he leaves, so we went for lunch. My fringe is currently at that annoying growing out phase, so I ended up pinning it back because it just wasn’t cooperating. Left: HVN Paula dress with […]

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  • What I bought this week: Skincare and clothing care

    Charlotte Tilbury Cryo mask and Sulwhasoo mask

    Item(s): Charlotte Tilbury Cryo Recovery Mask, Sulwhasoo Clarifying mask, and The Laundress Delicate Wash Reason: Listen, after my Clarisonic face cleaner, I was like “never am I getting sucked into a trendy skincare device again.” However, this Charlotte Tilbury Cryo mask is $55, so it doesn’t really break the bank. … at the same time, […]

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