Stylish T-Shirts For The Summer: Everything You Need To Know

The blank canvas for your summer outfit.

The cornerstone that lets you pick your day’s vibe.

The white tee shirt.

A fresh white t-shirt stolen from your boyfriend has an understated cool to it. Or cropped and tight black t-shirt makes an outright statement.


James Dean, Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando…

The t-shirt was borrowed from the boys.

Common sense shows if Marlon Brando looked that handsome in A Streetcar Named Desire, couldn’t a girl also pull off that white t-shirt?

Since the plain white t-shirt, endless types of t-shirts have been added to the wardrobe mix…

Different Types of T-Shirts for the Summer

Boat Neck T-Shirt

This one has a wider cut across the collar bones. Its nautical style makes it ideal for summer… And stripes! It got its name because if a sailor falls overboard (after a few too many glasses of rosé?), their shirt could easily be slipped off due to its large neck hole.

Crew Neck T-Shirt

This is the quintessential t-shirt. The one that your mind conjures when you think “basic white t-shirt.” It’s the entry point to relaxed summer style.

Cropped T-Shirt

Show off your washboard abs. Or your not-so washboard abs…. You know what, just show off your midriff with a crop top! A super 90’s style tee that’s having a moment again. Works best with a high-rise denim.

Concert T-Shirt

A concert t-shirt makes an outfit automatically rock and roll cool no matter what the band is. OK, maybe some bands make the band shirt cooler than others… Generally these are printed on crew neck t-shirts.


Graphic T-Shirt

Graphic t-shirts rose to popularity (again) in 2005. Urban Outfitters went wild… Remember “Getting Lucky in Kentucky?” A simple graphic t-shirt from Jeanne Damas’ line, Rouje, works well for today.

Ringer T-Shirt

Think Ramones… A super rock and roll t-shirt, the body of the tee shirt is one colour and then the “ribbing” along the neckline and the sleeve-edge is a different colour.

Scoop/U-Neck T-Shirt

The U-neck (or scoop neck) t-shirt is similar to the V-neck in how it shows a little more chest. It doesn’t dip as low but it offers more character and style than the crew neck.

V-Neck T-Shirt

A v-neck t-shirt makes things a little more feminine due to its dip down to your cleavage.


The perfect t-shirt makes you feel like the coolest girl on the block even though it’s just a plain tee.

How it fits and feels on is totally up to you.

Do you want a more boyfriend t-shirt feel? Go bigger.

More feminine? Look for one with some stretch.


Finding The Right T-Shirt Checklist

  • Does it pinch under your arms?
  • Will it shrink?
  • Is it too sheer?
  • Is it too long? Or too short?
  • Are you happy with how it shapes your curves?

A tee-shirt is meant to be comfortable. So look for one that YOU feel comfortable in.

Here are a few of my favourites though…

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