What I bought: Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola $43 (!) lip balms

Item(s): Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola The Tinted Balm in Shades 1, 2, and 3

Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola tinted balms

I’ve tried Augustinus Bader’s lip balm before (and their Rich Cream, Cream, and Body Cream, lol).

It’s one of those expensive lip balms where the formula is more, like, loose than say a stick of Burt’s Bees. You know what I mean? When a lip balm is more slick in its application?

Anyways, while I liked Augustinus Bader’s lip balm, I didn’t like it enough to justify the price given I go through a lot of lip balm.

… until they released a Tinted Balm collaboration with Sofia Coppola.

Showing a Sofia Coppola candle, her Archive book, three tinted lip balms with their caps on, and a bottle of Sofia Blanc de Blanc

Naturally, being the Sofia fan that I am, I bought all 3 shades.

I won’t get into the formula and claims of this lip balm, because, it’s basically a lip balm and how am I supposed to know if it’s actually nourishing my lips in the long run.

Three swatches of Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola tinted balms

Swatches of Shade 1 (left), Shade 2 (middle), and Shade 3 (right)

This Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola tinted lip balm smoothes your lips like any lip balm does, while adding a swipe of extra colour to your lips (or anywhere else you want to use it).

Showing the longevity of Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola tinted balms

5 swipes of the Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola Tinted Balms “kiss” test

These Tinted Balms are buildable… however I don’t find they have an amazing staying power, but like the feeling of her movie Somewhere (how is that my favourite Sofia Coppola movie?) the colour somehow lingers in your mind on your lips after you’ve smooched any aging film star.

For someone who doesn’t wear makeup on a regular basis, these are a simple way to freshen up your look.

You can shop Sofia Coppola x Augustinus Bader Tinted Balms directly from augustinusbader.com and if you use my link, you should get 20% off your first order.