Category: What I Bought

  • What I bought this week: Skincare and clothing care

    Charlotte Tilbury Cryo mask and Sulwhasoo mask

    Item(s): Charlotte Tilbury Cryo Recovery Mask, Sulwhasoo Clarifying mask, and The Laundress Delicate Wash Reason: Listen, after my Clarisonic face cleaner, I was like “never am I getting sucked into a trendy skincare device again.” However, this Charlotte Tilbury Cryo mask is $55, so it doesn’t really break the bank. … at the same time, […]

  • What I bought this week: The Row and those awful flip flops

    The Row Biggins Camisole and Tkees

    Item(s): The Row “Biggins” camisole and Tkees Liner flip flops Reason: “But Yuki, aren’t you saving for that Burberry trench coat.” Yes, yes I am. … however, my SA texted me that they received the 22S Chanel heart bag and I did not buy it, so I saved like (ok, exactly) $5,697.75 USD there (edit: […]

  • What I bought this week: New glasses

    Jins Airframe Bold Oversized eye glasses, in Crystal

    Item(s): Airframe Bold Oversized eye glasses, in Crystal, from Jins. Reason: The thing is, designer frames are nice and all, but getting your lenses put in after they arrive is such a hassle and more expensive — like, I want them to come at that price with my prescription in them. So, I prefer buying […]

  • What I bought this week: Isabel Marant Flessy dress

    Item(s): Isabel Marant Flessy dress via Yoox Reason: Now, I’m not 100% sure if I will attend any weddings this summer but, just in case, this Isabel Marant Flessy dress is perfect for them. You can dress it up or dress it down and wear it over & over again. The best part of it […]

  • What I bought this week: Scrunchies lol

    slip scrunchies

    Item(s): Slip scrunchies. Reason: On Tumblr I saw that Taylor Swift uses Slip scrunchies, and way before I found that out, I did too.

  • What I bought this week: Whoops…

    … like none of these items were on my initial “What I would buy from the collab” article, but it’s basically what I got from MyTheresa as pieces came back in stock. Item(s): All from Loewe x Spirited Away… Yu-bird & Boh scarf, Otori Mini Puzzle, Kaonashi Cookie Pouch, and a Susuwatari fisherman hat. Reason: […]

  • What I bought this week: Sephora order incl. skin & hair care

    Item(s): La Mer hydration sample set, SK-II Pitera facial treatment essence (75ml), Briogeo dry shampoo, and Ouai leave-in conditioner sample. Reason: I’ve tried this La Mer hydration sample set last year, but I’m still not 100% sure about buying the full-sizes… since it was 500 Sephora points, I wanted the chance to try them again […]

  • What I bought this week: 2007 called and they want their catsuits back

    American apparel catsuits

    Item(s): American Apparel sleeveless unitard and an American Apparel long sleeve turtleneck catsuit. Reason: So last year (or who knows when — the last two years have totally melded together), my sister ordered the sleeveless unitard — she hated it and gave it to me. I loved it, but in an XS it was too […]

  • What I bought this week: Taylor Swift merch arrival

    Taylor Swift Red TV merch

    Item(s): Taylor Swift All Too Well tissues, F*ck The Patriarchy keychain, and Red ring. Reason: OK, so before Red (Taylor’s Version) came out, this ring was on her website.

  • What I bought this week: Shopbop Sale & Matches Fashion sale continued…

    Item(s): The Vampire’s Wife Charmer blouse and Vibi Venezia Mary Janes Reason: Most of The Vampire’s Wife’s dresses don’t fit me. They have severe darting at the chest which need, like, a B-cup in order to fill them out, so they unfortunately don’t work for my way flatter chest. Still, I love the haunting and […]