Here Comes The Sun

I know, it’s November… OK, halfway through November.
When did winter creep up on us?
Before we know it’ll be winter holidays then spring break then festival season and summer!


Let’s start with this dress that just arrived today from Topshop.
Cotton, embroidered, short, no back, $58 USD, and Alexa Chung vibes…
What is more perfect for sunny weather?

I don’t know about you, but when it’s 27°C outside I want to wear whatever is easiest. I don’t want a fuss, I don’t want belts and bells. I just want a simple dress that I can throw on and not worry about.

This is why I (and maybe also Alexa Chung’s style) tend to gravitate towards pieces that have some intricate detail to them.

Look at the detail on this dress’ embroidery. Blue flowers contrasted with a bit of white eyelet detail around it? Spring break, festival, or sweltering summer, this is one versatile dress.

From a vintage white embroidered top at Glastonbury (or around the East Village) to a black high neckline dress from Dior, Alexa Chung knows that a bit of intricate detail makes all the difference to summer dressing.

You can wear it with a pair of slightly heeled flats or bring it back to day time with some strappy sandals. Pair it with some flashy sunglasses and your outfit is good to go.

Plus, for $58, if something should happen to it, it won’t break your heart in a million pieces. Also, no back tan lines, this puppy barely has one!

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