What I bought this week: 2007 called and they want their catsuits back

Item(s): American Apparel sleeveless unitard and an American Apparel long sleeve turtleneck catsuit.

American apparel catsuits

Reason: So last year (or who knows when — the last two years have totally melded together), my sister ordered the sleeveless unitard — she hated it and gave it to me.

I loved it, but in an XS it was too tight (camel toe)… this year, I reordered it in a size small because I love the idea of throwing on an oversized shirt or cardigan over it and calling it an outfit.

Then, I also ordered the turtleneck version due to, omg sorry to bring her up again, Taylor Swift’s catsuit on SNL.

In no way shape or form am I in the position to buy the $3,590 Alaïa version she wore, but this $33 version works!

What are/were your favourite American Apparel pieces? Did you even realise they’re still in business?

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