What I bought this week: (Boring) Goop order

Item(s): Jillian Dempsey eye masks, goop Beauty “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak (not pictured), and a Gwyneth Paltrow x Copper Fit Knee Compression Sleeve.

Goop Order

Reason: This is my third time buying Jillian Dempsey eye masks.

At $75 USD, they’re kinda expensive for a set of 10… but, they really brighten your under-eye area.

To get my money’s worth, I put the mesh backs on my cheeks and forehead — IDK if you’re supposed to do that, but they have enough serum on them to give the rest of my face a brightening/hydrating experience too!

Kinda boring, but I ran out of the Goop Martini bath soak and this is probably the 5th time I’ve bought them. IDK if I get an “emotional detox” from it, but it’s still nice to add it to my baths.

OK, maybe this is even more boring, but I deal with a lot of knee pain.

Sometimes it just randomly happens and other times I can judge when it’ll happen — like after a long flight. After I got back to Panamá (5h30 minute flight from Montreal to Panamá), my knees started to hurt, so I ordered this Gwyneth Paltrow x Copper Fit knee compression sleeve in a bid to alleviate the pain.

Yesterday, my right knee was hurting, so I put the sleeve on and it alleviated it.

Today, my left knee hurt more than the right knee yesterday, so I put the sleeve on and it totally felt better after a minute or two.

IDK if it’s a placebo thing or what — at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if the pain subsides, right?

… but, I should probably stop sitting with my knees up at my desk.

Have you tried those eye masks? Or have another recommendation? LMK, I love eye masks.

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