What I bought this week: Guppyfriend Washing Bag

Item(s): Guppyfriend Washing Bag

guppyfriend washing bag

Reason: … because microplastics are in synthetic clothing and that’s not OK!

Seriously, I didn’t know this before.

… but, it’s true.

When you throw synthetic fibre clothing in the washing machine (at whatever temperature) microplastics/fibres are released and then the grey water from our washing machines basically is drained into our waters.

35% (!!!) of microplastics in our oceans are caused by washing synthetic clothing.

Horrified, I found out that you can use a Guppyfriend bag when you wash your non-100% natural textile clothing.

I waited to wash my yoga clothes (cheap brand from Amazon yoga pants and an old Nike exercise tanktop) or my husband’s bike shorts (via Amazon as well from a random brand) until the Guppyfriend bag arrived.

So, when it got here, I immediately popped them in it and threw it in the machine on the lukewarm setting.

Low and behold…

Guppyfriend washing bag review


The bag (made of Polyamide 6.6, which apparently does not emit microplastics in the wash cycle) basically catches the microplastics and then you throw the gunk in the trash.

A Guppyfriend washing bag is a great, affordable ($34.95 USD), and simple step* to take if you also want to cut back on your microplastics.

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