What I bought: Prada Fringe Tunic

Item(s): Prada Spring/Summer 2007 (Look 11) Fringe Tunic

Collage showing Ashley Olsen wearing a 2007 Prada fringe tunic, a Prada fringe tunic, and the garment on the spring summer 2007 Prada show

Reason: I’ve wanted this top since it flew down the runway on Sasha P. in September 2006.

It’s subtle, but catches the eye.

It’s a statement, but oddly understated.

… and Ashley Olsen wore it to, like, a gas station* in 2007.

Un-employed 15/16 year old me could only dream of having this top, but moderately employed older me can have it.

This brown Prada leather fringe top was listed in my size (IT 40) on eBay from a boutique in my hometown, Montreal, but it was still a little more than I wanted to spend.

Knowing the historical importance of the top (in my life, at least!), I made a fair offer that was accepted.

Now, 17 years later, the SS 07 Prada top is mine to pretend that the hallway is a runway.

or to wear at a gas station.

*I swear that I remember the full set of photos were at a gas station.