Pink Pieces to Pull Off Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Pantone recently announced 2016’s colors of the year: “serenity” and “rose quartz.”
Two subtle and soft colours: a muted periwinkle and a muted pink, respectively.
But how are you supposed to pull off these slight pastels without looking like a toddler?

Kate Moss Wearing Pink

Let’s tackle “rose quartz” today. This is where our (my) favourite, Kate Moss, can come in to help.
She doesn’t always wear a ton of pink (or any other colour), but when she does Kate Moss’ style can teach us a thing or two…

There have been two instances (ok, maybe three or four, but for brevity’s sake…) where Kate’s use of pink has totally inspired me.

When Kate Moss wears pink she understands the tone of the shade and how to balance it. If it’s a darker pink, pair it with black. If it’s a light pink, grey will enhance it. It’s a jugging act of sorts, really.

  1. Isabel Marant Étoile Black Blouse The safari styling of this shirt gives it an extra edge to a pair of pink trousers
  1. J Crew Martie Pants While it’s expected to wear the pink as the top, the pink pants are an unexpected twist. Because they’re a pinch darker than a traditional rose quartz, they compliment the black blouse without making the contrast look too stark.
  1. J Crew Silk Pocket Blouse The light pink colour and texture (silk) of this blouse lends itself to a rough denim.
  1. MIH Jeans Grey Skinny Jeans The trick to pulling off a light pink blouse with a grey skinny jean, like Kate Moss does, is to have the jeans all one shade. No extra wash and fading. If the jean is a smooth shade (and a light grey) it enhances the light pink instead of making it look too harsh.

And there we go! Pink is a tricky colour to pull off (except if it’s a dress, but even then…), but if you understand the shade and how to compliment, it can be done!


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