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  • What I wore this week: Lots of meals out

    Tuesday: Manicure and pedicure appointment at Spa St. James. After that dismal pedicure in Panamá, where it got all smudged (likely because the top coat was old/gummy), this time I brought my own base polish, nail polishes, and top coat. For whatever reason (let’s be honest, it was probably because of some Kate Moss article), […]

  • What I wore this week: Lunch and dinner(s) out

    Errand and dinner outfits

    Saturday: My mum has been adamant that my husband “needs” to go to Jimmy’s (a Panamanian institution that’s Greek-esque restaurant) before he leaves, so we went for lunch. My fringe is currently at that annoying growing out phase, so I ended up pinning it back because it just wasn’t cooperating. Left: HVN Paula dress with […]

  • I hate how expensive they are | SLVRLAKE Denim Review

    SLVRLAKE Denim Sizing Review

    SLVRLAKE must have come up while you were shopping for jeans online. … and, like me, you probably dismissed them as being an unjustified overpriced denim line. Why spend $349 on a pair of SLVRLAKE jeans when you can get some Levi’s for $98? Similar to Bianca Stratford explaining the difference between Sketchers and a […]