What I wore this week: Lots of meals out

Tuesday: Manicure and pedicure appointment at Spa St. James.

After that dismal pedicure in Panamá, where it got all smudged (likely because the top coat was old/gummy), this time I brought my own base polish, nail polishes, and top coat.

For whatever reason (let’s be honest, it was probably because of some Kate Moss article), I’ve always been brand loyal to Chanel for nail polish and have used Ballerina for my finger nails and Rouge Noir for my toes since I was probably, like, 15 years old.

Nail appointment article

Tuesday, left: My old Burberry trench coat with an Entireworld (RIP) longsleeve, Madewell denim shorts, and a Prada nylon tote; Right: I found the clipping from a 2007 issue of Glamour magazine saved on my computer lol.

My nails look A+ even after sleeping on them (love how that’s a barometer of success for good nails in my life)… you could probably find a more affordable place to get your nails done in Montreal, but I’m only here on vacation and don’t get my nails done that often in general.

Wore flip flops, trench coat (it was raining out but I probably would have worn it anyways cos it was a little colder out), and my Madewell denim shorts for easy foot/leg access.

Wednesday: My friend Sheila came over to grab takeaway dinner and drink at my AirBnb.

Thursday: Hair appointment with Amy, my hairdresser from high school!

Hair appointment outfit

Wednesday, left: SLVRLAKE London jeans in Ivory with a kid’s t-shirt I got in Montana (it’s so cute/the largest size lol), and a tote bag; Thursday, right: Old trench with the same t-shirt, SLVRLAKE Beatnik jeans, and Repetto Cendrillons.

She does the best haircuts in Montreal and it was a thrill to see her again (she cut my hair on my last visit to Montreal 10 years ago) and catch up.

Amy fixed my self-inflicted dodgy hair cut and trimmed my bangs like she used to do when I was in high school — the salon she used to be at was down the block from our apartment and she always accommodated my after school pop-ins for a quick fringe trim.

Tbh, I really like having bangs again and she agreed that I did a bang up job on them!

Friday: Brunch with Cassandra, quick trip to the Musée Des Beaux-Arts, then back to my AirBnb to finish some new reviews.

Slightly cooler out, so I wore a Holiday Boileau sweater with the Madewell shorts, trench coat, and ballet flats.

Spring breakfast outfits

Friday, left: Old trench with Holiday Boileau sweater, Madewell shorts, and Repetto Cendrillon flats; Saturday morning, right: HVN mini Morgan dress with Chanel ballet flats.

Saturday: Brunch with Sheila and a couple of other girls from Sacred Heart at a Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine themed restaurant in Verdun. OK, IDK if it was officially a themed restaurant, but it sure felt like it — in grade 4 I had a teacher who was obsessed with Les Îles and ~20 years later I can still spot when someone else is equally obsessed.

It’s fun to get together with high school friends that you haven’t seen in ages and marvel at how much they are thriving — nice to see them and see their personal accomplishments.

Wore my HVN mini Morgan dress with the flowers that kinda looks like eggs (remember I wore it for Easter for kinda the same reason?) since we were going out for breakfast and I thought that was funny.

Later that day, Cassandra and I tried a new place for dinner called Tiramisu.

Super tasty, super salty, but super slow service…

What I wore out for dinner and a coffee run

Saturday evening, left: HVN mini Maria dress with a Chanel Classic Handbag and Tkees flip flops; Sunday, right: Dôen Earhart dress with Repetto Cendrillons.

It was threatening to rain out, so I wore an HVN mini Maria Tarzan dress with flip flops and my Chanel bag to look somewhat put together (carried my trench coat though to wrap myself/my bag in incase it poured).

We ended up parking in a parking garage attached to the restaurant, so I totally could have worn proper shoes… In the end, it’s good that I didn’t, because my salty swollen feet would have hated being squished into proper shoes post-dinner.

Sunday: This Dôen dress is quickly becoming my favourite “popping out to get something quickly” dress — mostly because you don’t have to fuss over what underpinnings you wear with it.

What do you wear for transitional weather?

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