What I bought this week: New glasses

Item(s): Airframe Bold Oversized eye glasses, in Crystal, from Jins.

Jins Airframe Bold Oversized eye glasses, in Crystal

Reason: The thing is, designer frames are nice and all, but getting your lenses put in after they arrive is such a hassle and more expensive — like, I want them to come at that price with my prescription in them.

So, I prefer buying my eye glasses from Jins (or Moscot) — two places that make nice looking frames and who send them with your prescription all ready filled.

Getting more frustrated by not being able to see things more clearly without having glasses on, and not loving how outfit-specific my other glasses are, I decided to order these Airframe Bold eye glasses, in Crystal, from Jins.

They’re lightweight, look good on/blend in with most of my clothes, and, most importantly, have my latest prescription in them… all for $100 USD!

… actually, they were $105 USD, because I added the $5 Pride glasses case, largely because the script reminded me of Taylor Swift’s Lover album.

Do you wear glasses?… if so, do you also have outfit-specific “cool” glasses and a pair for regular day-to-day?

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