What I bought this week: Skincare and clothing care

Item(s):Charlotte Tilbury Cryo Recovery Mask, Sulwhasoo Clarifying mask, and the Laundress Delicate Wash

Charlotte Tilbury Cryo mask and Sulwhasoo mask

Reason: Listen, after my Clarisonic face cleaner, I was like “never am I getting sucked into a trendy skincare device again.” However, this Charlotte Tilbury Cryo mask is $55, so it doesn’t really break the bank.

… at the same time, after using it once with a Goop face oil underneath, it didn’t really make my skin feel more lifted or plump, instead I just got a brain freeze.

What feels like a lifetime of many moons ago, I initially bought this Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask in Seattle… then, I realised I was traveling carry-on only (it’s 150ml), so returned it, like, an hour later.

My curiosity and love for masks that physically peel (like that one from GlamGlow) persisted and I finally bought the Sulwhasoo one.

It’s fine, and fun, but I don’t really see a big difference after using it twice — for what it’s worth, it had an overwhelming smell of alcohol (which can dry your skin) the first time I used it.

The Laundress delicate wash

Finally, my The Laundress Delicate Wash arrived!

NOTE: ALL LAUNDRESS PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN SINCE RECALLED. Use Woolite Extra Delicates Detergent instead.

Unlike these two disappointing skincare products, .

I used it to wash a few HVN dresses that I picked up on the secondhand market (plus that The Row cami) and it did an A+ job.

The Delicate Wash considerably lifted the stains on one of the dresses (I put it in the washing machine on a “hand wash” setting), however the dresses lost a bit of its silky lustre.

… but, they smell and feel super fresh and clean now.

I’d definitely recommend throwing a colour catching sheet in with the dress, so you will totally avoid any colour transfer.

Between the detergent & colour catching sheets, it’s still more cost-effective than dry cleaning and better for the environment.

Have you ever hand washed silk before?
Can you share any tips for how to make the silk look, uhhh, silkier after? I’d appreciate them, ahah!

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