Things I Would Buy: If I didn’t all ready own it

Item(s): Chanel AW06 Chevron Jacket & Skirt Set.

Chanel 2006 Jacket and Skirt

Reason(s): This post is really just serving as a PSA incase you were ever looking for this jacket.

I regularly browse for vintage (read: secondhand) Chanel jackets and this is the first time I’ve seen this Chanel 06A jacket resurface in 2 years.

Kate Moss wore this Chanel jacket in 2006 or 2007 and I was obsessed.

Kate Moss Chanel AW06 Tweed Jacket

… like, for the last 10+ years when someone mentioned fall jackets, my mind went straight to this one.

Fall 2020, I found it for a decent price (remember when everything was seemingly always on sale?) and bought it.

If you had also been following that set from HEWI 2 years ago, but missed out on my account, here’s your chance to nab it again.

Are you as into it as I am?

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