Category: What I Would Buy

  • Things I Would Buy: If I was getting married again

    Wedding dress picks

    Ever since my husband and I got married, I’ve been asking him if we can have another wedding and looking for more wedding dresses — these are some of the dresses I’d want to wear if/when we get married to each other again… Item(s): 1- Zandra Rhodes, Vintage Tiered Dress 2- Christian Dior, Vintage John […]

  • Things I Would Buy: Crochet bags edition

    … for those of us tired of carrying impractical wicker baskets. Item(s): 1- Nannacay, Amy Bag 2- JW Anderson, Knitted Shopper Tote 3- Lele Sadoughi, Daisy Pouch 4- Rag & Bone, Addison Mini Shopper 5- Stella McCartney, Mini Falabella Crochet Bag 6- Alanui, White Sand Island Tote Reason(s): 1- A crocheted heart and cherry on […]

  • Things I Would Buy: For spring, if I wasn’t saving for a Burberry trench coat

    … Burberry trench coats have become so expensive (I bought mine when they were like $850 a piece), so I’m holding strong on saving and I’m almost there. If I had less self-control, this is what I would buy for spring — the grand total for it all is still less than a trench coat 🙄. […]

  • Things I Would Buy: If it was black leather

    Item(s): Balenciaga Flat Hobo in Caramel via eBay. Reason(s): I don’t know about you, but I have a longterm wishlist. That Chanel PTT is on it and so is this Balenciaga bag, but in black leather (along with, like, a Verdura cuff (dream on, baby) and a Tracey Emin napkin to match the one I […]

  • Things I Would Buy: To wear with my red Mary Jane shoes

    Red Shoes outfits

    … honestly, styling those red Christian Louboutin Vernica shoes is tough. Considering the shoes cost so much, I’m not going to go and specifically purchase expensive dresses to go with them. This is mainly an exercise in dream dressing. Item(s):1- 1999 Commes des Garçons, Red Sequin Dress 2- Saint Laurent, Mohair Turtleneck Sweater 3- Nili […]

  • Things I Would Buy: If I had $4,500 lying around to spend frivolously

    Chanel Petite Timeless Tote

    Item(s): Chanel PTT (mistakingly labeled as a Grand Shopping Tote, when in reality it’s a Petite Timeless Shopper Tote (affectionately known in the Chanel community as a PST or PTT, but I prefer “PTT”)) via Shopbop Archive. Reason(s): This is one of my Holy Grail, but never owned handbags. Kate Moss was the first person […]

  • Things I Would Buy: If I was in Montana this winter

    … because, to be honest, I love a good sale on coats & jackets and I’m missing Montana (and, surprisingly, winter). Item(s):1- Isabel Marant Étoile, Shearling Azario Coat2- Isabel Marant Étoile, Fontia Shirt Coat3- Nili Lotan, Toby Shearling Jacket4- Herno, Quilted-Down Coat5- Isabel Marant Étoile, Limiza Coat Reason:1- This jacket would be perfect to wear […]

  • Things I Would Buy: If I was Taylor Swift’s stylist for Speak Now (TV)

    … because, I need help and can’t stop listening to Taylor Swift/really want Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) to come out soon… Item(s):1- Victoria Beckham, Flared Sequin Skirt2- The Vampire’s Wife, The Mini Tremors Sequin Dress3- Rodarte, Sequined Halter Gown4- The Attico, Rue Mini Dress5- Sea, Valerie Midi Dress6- Oscar De La Renta, Ruffle Moiré Mini […]

  • Things I Would Buy: If I had properly registered for the Spirited Away x Loewe collection

    Spirited Away x Loewe collection picks

    For some reason my registration got a little messed up and I couldn’t buy it right away, but assuming I could have logged on at 11:00am, been able to buy, and had unlimited funds, here are my top picks from the Spirited Away x Loewe collection… Item(s): I’ll just post a screenshot, cos it’s a […]