Things I Would Buy: If I had $800 lying around to spend on a Jane Birkin-inspired dress dupe

Item(s): Aimee dress from Dôen.

Dôen's Aimee dress, inspired by Jane Birkin's Jean Bouquin dress

Reason(s): Jane Birkin wore this spectacular, shiny, and tiered maxi dress in the early 70’s while dancing with her daughter.

When I saw the photos, over 40 years later, I was mesmerized.

Jane Birkin in her Jean Bouquin dress

It took 10 years since I first saw the photos to figure out that Jane’s mesmerizing dress was by Jean Bouquin.

I immediately created an alert on in case a Jean Bouquin dress that was similar to Jane Birkin’s ever popped up on the vintage market.

Well, that alert’s creation was in vain because Dôen created a $798 USD dupe of Jean Bouquin’s tiered Jane Birkin dress.

It’s not nearly as good as the original Jean Bouquin dress, but it’ll do.

Would you spend this much on a dupe?

Also, in case you’re interested — Alix of Bohemia has similar dresses that are (somehow) even more eye-wateringly expensive.

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