Je T’Aime Bella Freud

The first time you saw this sweater, what did you think?

For me it was in 2005 at the beginning of my Kate Moss style obsession, “where exactly do I get this sweater?”

Bella Freud

A strikingly simple and cryptic (well, cryptic for non-Francophiles) sweater. Black save for a white “je t’aime Jane” on the front, “Gainsbourg is God” on the back, and a “Serge” on the bicep.

But, Bella Freud says the sweater came from the slightest mistake…

I received a message on my voicemail from the agent of the legendary Jane Birkin saying ‘Jane has heard about your Gainsbourg is God jumper and loves it’. I had made a jumper with Ginsberg is God written on it. What to do? I decided to make her a jumper in the style of a schoolgirl’s dedication to her heroine: Je t’aime Jane with Gainsbourg is God on the back back, and Serge on the sleeve – where the heart is.

Less of a mistake though and more of a truth. Because who isn’t obsessed with Jane Birkin?

Kate wore hers in the early 2000’s with skinny jeans and Mukluks. Then she wore another one, the “Ginsberg is God” one with a white denim skirt…

Then, it happened. Net-A-Porter started carrying Bella Freud and all mysteries of the designer in question were answered. And I was able to snap mine up (and style it the exact same way Kate had).

Then, more happened. Alexa Chung was photographed wearing it along with a Balenciaga moto-jacket and a Céline skirt. And Olivia Wilde walking around the village in red jeans, a black blazer, and you guessed it!

With this new wave of women finally able to proclaim their love for the most iconic couple of the century, came the next step in Bella Freud’s line — the candles.

There’s something just so wonderful about a candle. Yes, it’s heartbreaking (and worrying) when you realise you literally burned 1/4 of your paycheque. But scent is tied closest to your memories, so really you’re investing in memories…

While I haven’t had the chance to sample Bella Freud’s yet (they’re at the top of my Christmas list), it’s all in the votive that has the simple statements of the same sweaters etched on them…

“Loving” “1970” “Ginsberg is God” “Je T’Aime Jane”

It could smell like the inside of a musty eBayed handbag and I would still be crazy about having it around my apartment. But they don’t. Apparently. I mean Into The Gloss says they don’t, so…

Net-A-Porter has all your Bella Freud candle needs and a new stock of the iconic and classic “Je T’Aime Jane” sweater online now.

Prepare to fall in love!

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