What I bought this week: Whoops…

… like none of these items were on my initial “What I would buy from the collab” article, but it’s basically what I got from MyTheresa as pieces came back in stock.

Item(s): All from Loewe x Spirited Away… Yu-bird & Boh scarf, Otori Mini Puzzle, Kaonashi Cookie Pouch, and a Susuwatari fisherman hat.

Reason: The long and the short of it is that I feel immensely exasperated right now, so I keep imagining outfits for my one-day trip to Japan.

There’s definitely a lot of irony about how I could be saving for the actual trip instead of buying Loewe x Spirited Away items to wear on this future vacation (still unsure what season would call for a fisherman hat and a mohair scarf at the same time)… and there are also a lot of parallels of my own greed mirroring Yubaba’s.

… however, this is escapism at its finest.

Are you also desperate for a vacation?

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