What I Wore: My mum’s birthday weekend

Friday: Pedicure appointment!

The last time I got my toes done was for my wedding last year in October. I really hate and am not good at doing my own pedicures, so this has been a long time coming.

Wore this Frame jumpsuit in case of any splashing or lotion transfer with flip flops… in the end something went wrong and both my big toes got smudged by 9:00pm, so I had to repaint them myself.

Saturday: My sister and I nipped out to Felipe Motta to get some wine & goodies for my mum’s birthday tomorrow. Took the opportunity to take my new Loewe mini Puzzle bag out for a spin.

Sunday: It’s my mum’s birthday!

My husband and I went to the grocery store to get some last minute ingredients for dinner (HVN dress) and then I changed into that new-ish Anaak dress for dinner.

I made a salad (Caesar salad recipe given to me by my uncle), my husband made his bolognese (my mum’s favourite), and my sister made half the cake (box cake with icing from scratch via my husband with my instructions).

Do you dig box cake over from scratch? What’d you wear this weekend?

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