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  • Gracefully cute dresses | Three Graces London sizing review

    Three Graces London review

    See, I have this problem where Selena Gomez has unwittingly become someone whose dresses I steal. … not in like the Bling Ring way. I’m not like breaking into houses to raid celebrities’ closets — it’s more of an Ariana Grande, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it,” metaphorical stealing […]

  • How Do These Cool Clothes Fit? A Reformation Dress Review

    Reformation Dress Review

    When it comes to Reformation’s clothes, I just can’t quit them.Since 2012, I’ve always come crawling back hoping that they’ll magically fit & flatter me. In 2014 I “needed” a black dress for a trip to Paris. I headed straight to the Ref. All of them were a bit too short and made my legs […]

  • Nightmare or a daydream? | A Hill House Home Nap Dress Review

    hill house home nap dress review

    Who doesn’t love a good nap? … and I don’t mean the kind of nap that you accidentally stumble upon. Bad night’s sleep with a chaotic day, so you do a quick yoga practice and accidentally fall asleep in savasana. Sure, it does the job, but you’re in tight spandex and lying on the ground. […]

  • Shake your hips | RIXO dress SIZING and quality review

    Rixo Kate Moss vintage floral print

    I’ve been thinking a lot about how to start my RIXO dress review… I’ve been deliberating writing about what makes an A+ summer dress. I’ve been wavering about starting it with a ramble about who’s behind the label. … but, this is the best way to kick off this review:

  • La grande bellezza | Realisation Par Monica Dress Review

    Réalisation Par Monica dress review

    Note: Yuki here — I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Emerald Liu, who lives in Belgium. Emerald & I are constantly chatting about our shared (and might I say excellent) taste in music, literature, and fashion. As a massive fan of her own writing, I’m humbled that Emerald is graciously sharing her thoughts […]

  • I fell in love with these dresses | LoveShackFancy Sizing Review

    LoveShackFancy Sizing Review

    Do you remember the first time you saw a LoveShackFancy dress? I (weirdly) do. This is so random, but I saw a photo of Selena Gomez wearing a dress in 2018 and was like “who is this by???” — the dress was almost as cute as she is! Then, I figured out it was from […]

  • This slip dress HAS pockets | a Norma Kamali dress review

    norma kamali dress review

    Like everywhere in the world right now, it’s hot in Montana (where I’m currently on vacation). To combat the heat I needed a lightweight dress that was totally unfussy. … something like Norma Kamali’s slip dress. Simple, long, and classic, I was intrigued…

  • It’s ehhh | An Everlane Japanese GoWeave Slip Dress review

    Everlane Japanese GoWeave Slip dress review

    There’s a problem with Everlane’s Japanese GoWeave slip dress. See, I was hoping that like their bodysuit, it would inspire me to write a lengthy review. In my imagination, the words would flow straight from my fingertips onto the screen. The dress would be delightful and this review would just come to me. … but, […]

  • Dôen Dress Review: All the details on these dreamy dresses

    Dôen dress review

    Recently, most of my vacations have been spent in California. As a result, my style has gone from French cool girl (read: Rouje) to relaxed California girl (read: Goop’s G. Label). There are a lot of reasons that this new ~vibe~ started, but the biggest… The location… duh. When I’m in California, the laidback West […]

  • Not gonna say “ciao” to these dresses | Ciao Lucia Sizing Review

    Ciao Lucia sizing review

    “For the girl, on eternal vacation.”-Ciao Lucia’s About Page Ciao Lucia’s opening “About Us” statement offends me. Mainly because in 2020, like none of us have been on an eternal vacation — let alone any vacation. … like not even my mindset has been on holiday. Still, wanting to at least feel like I’m on […]