What I bought this week: SSENSE sale & Loewe x Spirited Away

Item(s): Repetto black leather Cendrillon flats and beige suede Cendrillon flats, plus my Loewe x Spirited Away order!

Reason: In my books, Repetto ballet flats are right up there with Chanel’s.

While I really do like my Margaux flats — the padded insole just adds too much of a spring in my step.

Repetto’s Cendrillon flats are super down to earth, comfortable, and expertly made, so whenever SSENSE has their (private) seasonal sale, I always get tempted to take advantage and buy some discounted Repetto flats.

SSENSE Repetto Sale

… and this year I did with 2 pairs in classic colours: black leather and beige suede (it has more pink undertones, so looks more like a blush colour) in a size FR 40.

My feet widely and wildly fluctuate in size — one day I’ll need a half size up and the other I’ll need a half size down, it’s crazy. Having both a 39.5 and 40 will save my feet a lot of face after a salty lunch or dinner.

Next up: My Loewe x Spirited Away order arrived!!!!!!!!!

For whatever reason, my pre-order ability failed… it was just as well because while I like Spirited Away, in the back of my mind I knew that I was only being swept up by its surrounding hype. Better to not have access to the pre-sale than to spill, like, $1,500 on key chains (*facepalm*) when I’m not a massive fan.

Loewe x Spirited Away candle packaging

I did not put the candle on my wishlist (because I had been planning on spending way too much on keychains), so when I was able to access the sale, everything was basically sold out, but the Loewe x Spirited Away candle was still available.

The packaging for it is too cute not to share.

Did you go shopping this week? Let’s chat about what you picked up in the comments below!

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