So you got Margiela Tabi Flats; here’s how to style them

It’s not that Maison Margiela Tabi shoes are divisive.

… it’s just that most people haven’t seen enough Tabi outfits to sway their thoughts about them.

Once you get over the split toe, they can jazz up any outfit.

Here’s how…

How to Style and Wear Margiela Tabi Shoes

newinspired’s how to articles are always so…


Like, my number one piece of advice for wearing anything is to coat yourself in an armour that makes you feel like you can take on a fire breathing 13 story dragon (or that girl from high school who mercilessly teased you in gym class and is now in an MLM but doesn’t realize it).

The same principle applies to styling Margiela Tabi flats.

In phys ed, maybe we lacked hand/eye coordination and that’s why balls were seemingly thrown in our faces, but today, we have the power of being able to unconsciously coordinate our outfits (unlike Alessandra and her overdone eyebrows).

Photos showing Olivia Rodrigo, Chloë Sevigny, and Zendaya wearing Margiela tabi flats

I like to keep my outfits simple, so that these split-toe shoes can have their own moment, but if you’d rather go full on out with lot of prints and nostalgic 90’s garb, go for it

The “coordination” should feel natural to you, and I’m only using the word “coordinate” in the loosest sense of the word.

The only person you should dress for is yourself, and if you dig your Margiela Tabi flats outfit, then that’s the only thing that matters.

If you’re still at a loss, here’s a quick overview and then we’ll get into my semi-original Tabi outfit photos.

What Shirts to Wear

Like, any shirt works.

If you want to whip out your 1997 Aquamarine pseudo-paisley Dries van Noten top and make a case for why Martin Margiela should be why they rename the “Antwerp Six” to “Antwerp Seven,” do it.


I’ll do that in a more Demeulemeester fashion — mainly in black or white tops.

… because that’s what makes me feel more confident.

… wait, do you need sizing advice?

What Bottoms to Wear

Again, almost any bottom can work.

It all depends on what shorts, skirts, short skirts, trousers, etc, make you feel confident and comfortable.

Your favourite pair of Daisy Dukes?


That skin tight black leather mini skirt that you save for hot dates?


Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Saweetie in Margiela Tabi shoes

What Accessories to Pair with Them

If you’re going a more neutral route for styling Margiela Tabi shoes, this is when you can have a little more fun.

… and by fun, I mean, in a capacity that feels “fun” to you.

Here you can pay homage to the Tabi’s 1989 release.

In corporate some cusp of 80s/90s (chains, Louis Vuitton!) or full on grunge (plaid and beanies, baby!) accessories with your outfit.

Like the rest of your Margiela Tabi outfit though, the theme should be “whatever makes you happy.”

Margiela Tabi Shoes Outfits

Margiela Tabi Shoes Day Outfits

So, you know that whole “to thine own self be true” rhetoric I was spewing up top…

Outfits with Margiela tabi flats, left to right: Burberry trench coat, Guest in Residence Sweater, Lululemon black leggings; Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony and a Saint Laurent basket bag; Baseball cap, black t-shirt, denim shorts, and a white handbag
Left to Right: Lululemon leggings with Guest in Residence sweater, Burberry trench coat, and a (decrepit) Second Season Balenciaga FBF; Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony dress with a Saint Laurent basket bag; AGOLDE Parker shorts with a Calder Blake t-shirt and The Row Margaux bag.

See how it works in practice?

The Tabi flats offset the lightly preppy look of the dress, especially when you accessorize with something that off-sets the fierceness of the shoes with something innocent like a basket bag.

Meanwhile, the shoes also make what would be a relatively simple, yet still cool outfit, more impactful.

… and I just know that somewhere in New York, Chloë Sevigny is mourning the idea of pairing Lululemon yoga pants with Margiela Tabi flats… and I get what she’s saying, but I just couldn’t help myself!

Margiela Tabi Shoes Evening Outfits

Evening outfits with Margiela tabi flats, left to right: Wolford black bodysuit with a leather skirt and a yellow handbag; Black button down silk dress and a Chanel classic handbag; The Row black cami with a silver metal belt and black Cigarette length jeans with a silver handbag and silver jazzy earrings
Left to Right: Khaite leather skirt with a Wolford Jamaika bodysuit, and a S/S 04 Yellow Balenciaga First; Lunya dress and a Chanel Classic Handbag; Rag & Bone Cigarette jeans with The Row cami, Isabel Marant x H&M belt, and a Paco Rabanne bag.

In black especially, the Tabi shoes offer a lil something else at night.

… especially when it’s with all black clothing.

It’s not just the toe that’s split, but they also help split up what would generally be a “they must work in TV” or “they live in New York” look into an outfit that stands out all on its own after dark.

Margiela Tabi shoe are polarizing.

… like, no doubts about it.

Initially, I was like, there is no way that I could ever imagine being that kind of SSENSE sorta cool enough to pull them off.

Like anything in this world, it all comes down to your confidence.

… and trust me, the biggest part of being any sorta cool is simply not caring what others think.

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