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  • The 90’s are calling | How to Wear Platform Flip Flop Sandals

    How to wear platform flip flop sandals

    No matter when you were born, you remember platform flip flops. 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and even in the 00’s, you remember, know, and maybe even liked platform flip flops. These days, wearing platform flip flops can be tough. You don’t necessarily want to look like a Spice Girl (dibs on being Baby Spice though — […]

  • What To Buy At the Shopbop Sale: 2021 Edition

    Shopbop sale

    Twice a year, Shopbop holds their “Big Event” sale. While it changes year to year, the premise is this: 15% off orders $200+ 20% off orders $500+ 25% off orders $800+ (Remember to add the code at checkout!) With the minimum spend, you have to pay to save in Shopbop’s sale. My #1 tip for […]

  • How to Style a Shearling Denim Jacket á la Wild America

    how to style and wear a shearling denim jacket

    Apple pie, Bruce Springsteen, and denim all scream red, white, & blue to me. The most “American” jacket? A jean jacket. Created in 1880 by Levi’s, to me, denim jackets are synonymous with Americana. Denim jackets are great, however the ones I love most are lined with shearling… The biggest question though: how to style […]

  • How to wear Birkenstock Bostons, like, outside of your house

    how to wear Birkenstock boston clogs

    What shoe department would we categorize Birkenstock Bostons in… Clogs? Mules? Slides? Backless loafers? I think “clog” is the most appropriate name for Birkenstock Boston shoes, uh, I mean clogs. Despite not having any wood on them, they’ve got an open back, are ridiculously comfortable, deceptively ugly, yet so easy to slip on and wear […]

  • How to Style a Jumpsuit: It’s All About Your Shoes, tbh

    how to style a jumpsuit

    I don’t care what you call them… A jumpsuit, romper, coverall, boiler suit, flight suit, or even a space suit. … because either way, this garment is the all-in-one outfit. Sure, sundresses are fun for a first date and completely charming to wear — but jumpsuits? With the exception of when you’ve been drinking rosé […]

  • How to Style Teva Sandals and Look Better than Everyone Else

    how to style teva sandals

    3 years after my “How To Style Crocs” article and I’m back at it. By “back at it,” I mean, trying to make ugly shoes look pretty. … or, for optimism’s sake, making ugly shoes look pretty. In this case, we’re talking about Teva sandals. Maybe you had a pair when you were 9 and […]

  • How to Shop Your Wardrobe and Create Cool New Outfits

    How to shop your wardrobe

    “Hours Left! Don’t miss 30% off!” “Good news everything’s on sale!” “Get $30 when you spend $100 on our app!” … I’ll bet you dollars to Dries that your inbox is also overflowing with those e-mails. These sales are tempting. So tempting… like so so sooo tempting. I’ve filled up my online shopping carts only […]

  • How to Style Overalls and Look Good ft. 8 Different Outfits

    How to style overalls in summer

    “She could be a farmer in those clothes.”-Amber to Tai, Clueless (1995) ”Farmer,” basically the one word you don’t want to hear when you wear overalls (read: dungarees). To play the devil’s advocate, when you look at (arguably) one of the most famous farmers in “American Gothic” by Grant Wood (1930), his outfit is pretty […]

  • How To Wear Hunter Boots and Look & Feel Cool, ft. 9 Outfits

    How To Wear Hunter Boots in Summer

    Hunter boots are a pain to wear. … like they look really cute, but they’re heavy. While most celebrities wear them at Glastonbury, clocking in at 2 pounds, they aren’t easy to wear all the time. Let alone a city in the summer. … but when the puddles are too deep for your Converse, Hunter […]

  • I don’t hate them | a Chanel espadrilles review & how to wear

    Chanel espadrilles review

    Chanel ballet flats? Love them.Chanel slingbacks? Love them.Chanel espadrilles? … I just can’t decide if I love them. It’s not my fault though, like, I didn’t even really want them… My sister asked for Chanel espadrilles as a Christmas gift in 2014. So, we got on the waitlist at the Chanel store and managed to […]