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  • The best alternative to vintage? Levi’s 501 skinny jeans review

    Levi's 501 Jeans Review womens

    If you’re a longtime reader, you’re likely absolutely sick of hearing me go on and on and on about elusive vintage Levi’s. … don’t worry, I’m over it too. In my final quest, I decided to just go ahead and get the pair of jeans that vintage Levi’s stem from: The 501 jeans. Let’s finally […]

  • All the fit & sizing info you need | Re/Done denim shorts reviews

    Re/Done Denim Shorts Review

    To me, white denim = preppy. … and not in a good ironic-preppy Vampire Weekend way. Off-white denim though? Well, the gloves are off and (all my) wisdom teeth are out. I’m stronger now, I’m ready for the house off-white denim. … but, like Vampire Weekend’s single, “Step,” I can’t do it alone. Enter: Re/Done’s […]

  • Nothing’s perfect, but… | my Madewell Perfect Jean Shorts review

    Madewell jean shorts review

    From Acne to Re/Done, with some pitstops in between, my efforts have been up and down. It’s like the past 5 years have revolved around finding the perfect pair of denim shorts. Some look great, but pinch my crotch. Others don’t look great, and, well, is there a point in going on about those? So, […]

  • Gracefully cute dresses | Three Graces London sizing review

    Three Graces London review

    See, I have this problem where Selena Gomez has unwittingly become someone whose dresses I steal. … not in like the Bling Ring way. I’m not like breaking into houses to raid celebrities’ closets — it’s more of an Ariana Grande, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it,” metaphorical stealing […]

  • Love them or lose ’em? Isabel Marant Lennyo sandals review

    Isabel Marant Lennyo Sandals Review

    “Birkenstocks, but à la mode.” -Isabel Marant while designing the Lennyo sandals, probably. You cannot deny that Isabel Marant’s Lennyo sandals are basically Birkenstock Arizona sandals. Laden with grommets or glitter, they offer are a more fashionable alternative to plain ol’ leather. … but are they worth it? Isabel Marant Lennyo Sizing For comparison, my […]

  • Chanel Heart Bag review: In which I bare my heart

    Chanel heart bag review

    “Responsible” is a word that gets thrown around much too much once you hit 30. … but, unlike an extra candle on your birthday cake, “responsibility” is hard to quantify. Sure, there are numbers in your 401k plan or Roth IRA account that you can count up, but you can’t really measure “responsibility.” It’s like, […]

  • HVN dress sizing review: Not all fit the same

    HVN Dress sizing review

    You see, every now and then I’m love the idea of dressing totally simply, like everything that Phoebe Philo or Mary-Kate and Ashley hope how people would dress. … but then, I get distracted. HVN’s fun prints takeover my mind and it changes faster than I can add another to my online shopping cart. Harley […]

  • Are they actually good snow boots? Isabel Marant Nowles boots review

    Isabel Marant nowles boots review

    Joining the ranks of Julius Caesar (and Joni Mitchell Leonard Cohen*), I am also as constant as the Northern Star. … at least when it comes to my brand loyalty for “nice” boots. Loeffler Randall boots are just “fine.” Christian Louboutin boots are so sophisticated. … and, ummm, hmmm, well, this is embarrassing… You see, […]

  • How Do These Cool Clothes Fit? A Reformation Dress Review

    Reformation Dress Review

    When it comes to Reformation’s clothes, I just can’t quit them.Since 2012, I’ve always come crawling back hoping that they’ll magically fit & flatter me. In 2014 I “needed” a black dress for a trip to Paris. I headed straight to the Ref. All of them were a bit too short and made my legs […]

  • Chanel Slingbacks Review: The New Classic ft. Sizing Tips & Prices

    Chanel slingbacks review

    On March 10th 2015, an unexpected force was launched into the fashion world: the revamped Chanel slingbacks. Either in leather or suede, every model during the 97-look long Fall/Winter 2016 show had one thing in common; their two tone Chanel slingbacks. A simple beige body with a black capped toe, they were on every single […]

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