Hermès Oran Sandals Review: Sizing, prices, & what you need to know

Hermès Oran sandals… where to start?

There’s the iconic “H” cut-out across the top that makes a dodgy tan line so worth it…

There’s that smell of new Italian leather that could get you drunker than a bottle of grappa…

Hermès Oran sandals review

There are all those articles about how they’re the “#1 shoe” to wear this summer, every summer…

There are all those reasons and justifications like “…but it’s an investment!”

… but if you’re reading this it’s too late.

You already know how dreamy they are.

So let’s start with my firsthand experience with Hermès Oran sandals…

Hermès Oran Sizing

For comparison, my other shoe sizes run:
-Adidas Stan Smiths, US 8
Chanel Shoes, FR 39
Christian Louboutin, IT/EU 39.5
Golden Goose, IT/EU 39
Hermès, FR 39
Isabel Marant, FR 39-40
-Nikes, US 8.5
Repetto, FR 39.5-40

My Hermès Oran sandals are a size FR 39

Hermès sandal sizing

… and an older sizing photo, for posterity:

Hermes Oran sizing

As you can see above, in both photos, my heel comes right to the slides’ end, which (obviously) means that they are indeed a perfect fit.

Hermès Oran sandals come in half sizes, but I stuck to my tried and true FR 39.

The toe box to the end of the heel of the Oran sandal measures 25.2 cm or 9.9 inches.

Hermes sandal sizing
Because Hermès Orans are slide sandals, you do not need to adjust your size due to different types of leather.

Your main concern should be if your foot reaches either end of the shoe.

I also tried on a pair of Oran sandals in regular leather and found that the patent pair was the lightest pinch tighter across the bridge of my foot.

For what it’s worth, my feet are generally a medium/regular width.

With that said, I still took a FR 39 when I tried on the regular leather pair.

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Are Hermès Oran Sandals Comfortable?

Question: Is it weird to put a pair of Hermès sandals on a kitchen scale?

Answer: Idk, but I did it anyways.

Hermès Oran sandals weigh 380 grams or 0.83 pounds, vs. a pair of Havaiana rubber slim flip flops which weigh 245 grams or 0.54 pounds.

At less than a pound, the Orans are relatively light – you don’t have to worry about feeling weighed down when you wear them.

Hermès shoe quality

As for walking, they do not have arch support, so long distance walks are not ideal. They are quite flat with a 0.6 cm or 0.25 inch heel.

For moderate walks (like ~1 mile), they’re relatively comfortable.

I haven’t experienced any problems with them sliding off while I walk, but I have experienced blisters on the top of my big toe and the side of my foot.

Hermès Oran Prices

Purchased in 2018 while on vacation in California, my Oran sandals were $680 USD plus tax. California state tax is 9%, so the total was $741.30 USD.

It could be worth planning this purchase around upcoming travel plans.

If you purchase them in a state with a lower sales tax, you will save a bit of money.

… and if you purchase them in Europe, you will save money by getting your VAT back.

While Hermès Oran sandals have a high price tag, they are worth it.

In any colour or leather you choose, they’re a classic.

The “H” cut-out is subtle enough to be slightly in the know-esque. It isn’t “in your total face” logomania.

In 2008, Oran sandals were $495 USD.
In 2018, my Orans cost $680 USD (they were more since they are patent leather).
In 2023, Orans cost $700 USD.
… and now, in 2024, Hermès Oran sandals are priced at $760+ USD.

So, in 16 years, they’ve risen by 53% in cost – or just over 10% from standard inflation (41%).

While Hermès Oran sandals are not subject to ridiculous price increases (like Chanel shoes), it’s still safer to buy while they’re still somewhat affordable.

Similar, But Different…

Hermès Oran Details

I’m not an authentication expert by any means.

If you’re nervous about your pair being fake, then you can use this as a guideline… but try and get a professional to look at them too or use your best judgement.

Here is what one of the soles of my Hermès Oran sandals looks like, along with a closer look at the stamp on the sole.

The sole:
Hermes oran sole

The stamp:
Hermes sandal stamp

Note: IRL, the stamp is straight and you can see that the accent grave on the È is visible as well.

Most authentic Hermès Oran sandals have a serial number on each side at the inner part of the H strap that’s closest to your baby toe.

Mine were purchased in 2018, but it’s unclear if older pairs have them or not.

On darker leather, it’s really tough to see, but it’s there…

Hermes shoe serial number

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How I Chose Which Colour To Get

Initially, I was torn between white or black Orans.

Like clothes, it’s important to know what flatters your feet. The white Oran sandals didn’t look good on my feet. My feet can bloat badly and generally look shapeless. The white leather did not help them look slimmer.

The “classic” black leather Orans with ecru stitching were beautiful in person, but then I found out that they were available in black patent leather with black stitching…

Black patent Hermes Oran sandals

Hermès Oran’s black patent leather looks like it was dipped in the shiniest and darkest black nail polish. It’s like a glossy piece of black licorice that you can’t wait to sink your teeth into… even if you hate black licorice.

Patent leather can be more non-chalant and rock & roll-esque — remember how Kate Moss always wore patent black flats while running around Primrose Hill in 2005?. The shiny leather elevates a casual outfit like a denim shorts & white t-shirt combination, i.e. my uniform.

Hermes Oran outfit

The patent leather ensures a light edge for my current younger years and will still work in 10 years from now.

Not only do they pull my schlubby outfits together, but they also (literally) pull my feet together more than the pair of black regular leather did due to the stiffer nature of patent leather.

All this to say, when the sales associate pulled out the pair of black patent Orans, I was sold…

If you love fun colours, don’t be afraid to get them.

Like Chanel ballet flats, Hermès Oran sandals are available in seasonal colours along with the classics.

… this means that next season they might not have that colour that you’re obsessed with.

If you’re obsessed with a “non-traditional colour,” then remember Drake’s ever immortal saying: YOLO.

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Hermès Oran Quality

You worked too hard for that $660 USD to let these slides stay in the box.

Wear them.

Wear them a lot.

Wear them with some caution… but wear them a lot.

With the high price tag comes high quality.

These aren’t shoes that’ll fall apart after one wear. You don’t need to be totally precious with them.

hermes sandals

At the same time, while a beat up luxe look is cute, you don’t want to run the risk of making them totally unwearable.

Exercise the same caution as you would with regular leather sandals (i.e. they’re not waterproof). But keep in mind that the leather won’t lose its lustre and the leather soles won’t totally break after a few wears… however, if you want to be super careful, you can always get a quality cobbler to add a rubber sole to be safe.

Pros & Cons

Slide on: Apart from rubber flip flops, they have to be the easiest shoe to get on and off.
Available in half sizes: If you’re in between sizing and hate that whole “size up for half sizes” thing then you’re in luck. Hermès Orans are available in half sizes!

Could be dodgy based on your feet/legs: My right leg lightly bends in. I wouldn’t say I’m “bow legged,” but my legs are slightly not normal. Due to this, the Hermès Orans do not line up perfectly with my right foot (as you can see in the back shot of the sizing photos). It’s safer to try these shoes on in store before you purchase… but this still wasn’t enough of a negative to not buy them.

So yeah, there are all those lists and reasons about why you should buy Hermès Oran sandals.

… but the real reason why you should?

Because you love them and will love them for years to come…

I know I love them and will love them for years to come.

Hermès Oran sandals are available from $660 USD on hermes.com or at an Hermès boutique.

If you feel comfortable that they’re authentic, you could save a bit of money buying these classic sandals on the Luxury Closet, the Real Real, or Vestiaire Collective.

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  1. Thanks for the review! You didn’t mention anything about if it fits narrow or wide… I have wide feet and wondering if the H part will stretch over time? How much will it stretch? I find size 38 fits the length of my foot but the width feels snug and wondering if I should size up and get 38.5 instead… let me know what you think!

  2. Hey there! Great review.
    Im planning on getting the orans but im not sure what size to go for.
    The color I want is only available in 38 and 39 from my personal shopper.
    I’ve tried 39 and a half from a friend and was big (not really big tho)- i like them snug.
    I have narrow feet, so I wanted to ask if the difference between a 38 and 39 was big- or how much it was in cm.
    Appreciate it!

    • Hey Samar,

      Thanks so much…

      I’d say to go with the 39, because you don’t want your foot hanging over the edge in a 38!

      I’m unsure what the exact difference is, perhaps your Personal Shopper can measure for you?

      Hope that’s somewhat helpful,

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