What I Bought This Year: Best of 2022

2022: Did it go by in an instant? Or was it a slow burn that sped up at the end?

Either way (and personally speaking), this year was filled with Mt. Everest-like highs (visiting Montreal after ~10 years and how my husband immediately took to our puppy, Puddles!) and Davey Jones’s Locker lows (my dad going to the hospital with COVID).

… but, it sure was filled with a lot of new and old purchases.

1- Briogeo Dry Shampoo

This is a saviour if you have a fringe.

Brigeo Dry Shampoo

Not only is it fun to use (a squeeze bottle that emits the powder in almost a “poof”), it also brushes out super easily in dark hair, and smells A+.

I’m on my second bottle now.

2- Chanel La Base

After that dodgy pedicure I got earlier this year in March, my toe nails have been so awful.

They look dry and they have ridges all over them.

Chanel La Base claims…

“Immediately after application, nails appear 27.5%* smoother. After two weeks, nail quality is improved by 49%.”

Chanel La Base mini review

I’m (clearly) not a scientist, so IDK if the nail quality actually improved after 2 weeks, but after one coat, La Base totally smoothed away the unpleasant look on my nails.

Usually I only bring my polish colour (Rouge Noir for toes and Ballerina for fingers (in the rare occasion that we’re doing my hands)), but La Base is coming along to any nail appointments I have in the future — it’s that good.

3- Shish Taouk

Thomas Wolfe once wrote, “you can’t go home again,” and for the most part I agree with him, however…

Shish Taouk

Sure, new buildings have popped up and the ~scene~ has changed since I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed 15 year old living in downtown Montreal, but slide a shish taouk sandwich in front of me and it’s like, “honey, I’m home again.”

(FYI: The Amir near Crescent St. is under new management and isn’t as good as it was in 2006. Boustan is now (seemingly) everywhere, but the best is from the original location on Crescent St. and is a solid replacement for the “old” Amir.)

4- Rohto Eye Drops

When I drink, or am super tired, my eyes get a little red.

Rohto eye drops

… and when I had COVID, my eyes were super dry, like all the time (a symptom/side effect that’s, like, never talked about).

These eye drops will lubricate your eyes and get rid of redness.

5- Chanel Pressed Powder Compact

So, Chanel has different beauty products for Europe/Canada/the rest of the world and the USA.

Their “Poudre Universelle Compacte Poudre Pressée Fini Naturel” is one of those products that you can’t get in the US.

chanel pressed powder compact

I started using it in high school, enchanted by the idea of being a sophisticated young lady who slips out a Chanel compact to powder her nose. I kept using it as the years went by, because it’s actually a solid pressed powder that easily eliminates any unwanted shine.

I used this powder for years and years… then one day I ran out and switched to Laura Mercier’s loose powder, because it was easier grab at Sephora when I lived in New York.

When I was back in Montreal, I eagerly picked up another Chanel pressed powder compact and it’s just as good as I remember.

6- Grown Alchemist Anti-Frizz Conditioner

Frizz happens.

I only realised how much it happens after I got my first haircut in, like, 3 years when I was in Montreal.

Amazed at Amy’s ability to tame the frizzy flyaways on my head, I set out on my own no-blowdrying or tonics necessary fix.

Grown Alchemist anti-frizz conditioner

This conditioner is it.

I use the anti-frizz Grown Alchemist conditioner with my usual Kiehl’s Volumizing shampoo and the air-dried results are basically as labeled on the bottles:

Volume and way less frizz.

7- Three-Way Tie!

There are certain pieces in my closet, but very few (to be honest), that make my heart absolutely sing.

… like my Thea Porter dress from c. 1971.

Thea Porter dress 1971

Floaty, bohemian, and true vintage, there isn’t a dress in my closet that I’d rather wear on a daily basis if I wasn’t so scared of ruining it.

… or this Isabel Marant Gissolya skirt that makes my mind do backflips.

Isabel Marant sequin skirt

… and last, but certainly not least, the Ossie Clark Bridget dress that I was lucky to find in decent condition.

Ossie Clark Bridget Dress

It’s the vintage dress that I’ve wanted for a long ol’ time.

Two seminal vintage pieces down, and one (a 1970’s Pucci romper!) to go now…

Here’s to 2023 and wishes of vintage goodies and lots of love, happiness, and good health!