• Things I Would Buy: Crochet bags edition

    … for those of us tired of carrying impractical wicker baskets. Item(s): 1- Nannacay, Amy Bag 2- JW Anderson, Knitted Shopper Tote 3- Lele Sadoughi, Daisy Pouch 4- Rag & Bone, Addison Mini Shopper 5- Stella McCartney, Mini Falabella Crochet Bag 6- Alanui, White Sand Island Tote Reason(s): 1- A crocheted heart and cherry on […]

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  • What I Wore This Week: To the mall (of course) and Easter

    HVN dress and SLVRLAKE london jeans outfits

    Monday: Since I’m absolutely incapable of lying, I have to admit that this is an older outfit from a few weeks ago from when I went to scope out new Chanel shoes with my mum. Still worth sharing since these SLVRLAKE London jeans are A+… love an off-white pair of jeans, although I was in […]

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  • Love them or lose ’em? Isabel Marant Lennyo sandals review

    Isabel Marant Lennyo Sandals Review

    “Birkenstocks, but à la mode.” -Isabel Marant while designing the Lennyo sandals, probably. You cannot deny that Isabel Marant’s Lennyo sandals are basically Birkenstock Arizona sandals. Laden with grommets or glitter, they offer are a more fashionable alternative to plain ol’ leather. … but are they worth it? Isabel Marant Lennyo Sizing For comparison, my […]

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  • Chanel Heart Bag review: In which I bare my heart

    Chanel heart bag review

    “Responsible” is a word that gets thrown around much too much once you hit 30. … but, unlike an extra candle on your birthday cake, “responsibility” is hard to quantify. Sure, there are numbers in your 401k plan or Roth IRA account that you can count up, but you can’t really measure “responsibility.” It’s like, […]

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  • HVN dress sizing review: Not all fit the same

    HVN Dress sizing review

    You see, every now and then I’m love the idea of dressing totally simply, like everything that Phoebe Philo or Mary-Kate and Ashley hope how people would dress. … but then, I get distracted. HVN’s fun prints takeover my mind and it changes faster than I can add another to my online shopping cart. Harley […]

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  • What I bought this week: The Row and those awful flip flops

    The Row Biggins Camisole and Tkees

    Item(s): The Row “Biggins” camisole and Tkees Liner flip flops Reason: “But Yuki, aren’t you saving for that Burberry trench coat.” Yes, yes I am. … however, my SA texted me that they received the 22S Chanel heart bag and I did not buy it, so I saved like (ok, exactly) $5,697.75 USD there (edit: […]

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  • What I bought this week: New glasses

    Jins Airframe Bold Oversized eye glasses, in Crystal

    Item(s): Airframe Bold Oversized eye glasses, in Crystal, from Jins. Reason: The thing is, designer frames are nice and all, but getting your lenses put in after they arrive is such a hassle and more expensive — like, I want them to come at that price with my prescription in them. So, I prefer buying […]

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  • Are they actually good snow boots? Isabel Marant Nowles boots review

    Isabel Marant nowles boots review

    Joining the ranks of Julius Caesar (and Joni Mitchell Leonard Cohen*), I am also as constant as the Northern Star. … at least when it comes to my brand loyalty for “nice” boots. Loeffler Randall boots are just “fine.” Christian Louboutin boots are so sophisticated. … and, ummm, hmmm, well, this is embarrassing… You see, […]

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  • What I Wore This Week: Forcing myself out of the house

    Wednesday: I’ve been feeling real down lately… so, to coax me out of the house and get a change of scenery, my husband lured me to the mall under the guise of checking out what’s new at the Hermés store. Nothing was particularly interesting at H, but we had a nice lunch (at Saquella in […]

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  • Things I Would Buy: For spring, if I wasn’t saving for a Burberry trench coat

    … Burberry trench coats have become so expensive (I bought mine when they were like $850 a piece), so I’m holding strong on saving and I’m almost there. If I had less self-control, this is what I would buy for spring — the grand total for it all is still less than a trench coat 🙄. […]

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