Beyond the whisper: Loro Piana’s Extra Bag Review

Is it possible to write a review about Loro Piana without mentioning “quiet luxury?”

I’d like to imagine that I could have gone this entire review of their Extra bag without even whispering a notion to that term, but, I can’t.

The thing about “quiet luxury,” is that people should be quiet about it.

No TikTok GRWM videos; no look at “me on my yacht in Capri” Instagram stories; no spreads in Vogue; nothing — just pure silence.

Really, if I wanted to adhere to a “quiet luxury”/offline is the new online (or whatever that coaster says that people take photos of on social media to try and prove that they don’t care about being online all the time, even though they are…), I wouldn’t even be posting, let alone talking, about this bag.

… but, just like Loro now sells bucket hats with their logo on it, life is often a delicious contradiction.

So, I will post a review for my new Loro Piana Extra bag.

… and I certainly won’t be quiet about it.

Loro Piana Extra Bag Sizing

For reference, I’m 5’5.75.”

… and for comparison here’s how some other bags look on my frame:
A.P.C. Mini Demi Lune
Celine Small Trio
Chanel Classic Handbags
Isabel Marant Maskhia Bag
Telfar Shopping Bags
The Row Margaux Bag

The Loro Piana Extra Bag, in Saffiano/Textured leather and Navy Blue, looks like this on my frame…

Showing how the Loro Piana Extra 27 Bag looks on a 5'5.75" person

Worn across your body, the Extra bag is an A++ bag.

It fits all your essentials and is easy to get in and out of when it’s across your chest.

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While called the “Extra” bag, this Loro Piana a discreet bag.

It doesn’t feel extra.

It doesn’t cost years of waiting on a list and 2+++:1 for an Hermès Kelly Pochette.

It doesn’t scream opulence the same way a Chanel bag does.

Loro Piana Extra bag on a table surrounded by unlit candles

Loro Piana’s Extra bag is the ideal bag for flying under the radar.

On the surface, the design echoes the brand’s 100 years of operation — it looks like an antique vanity case.

… only much more portable and practical.

Even better, with it’s generous dimensions of 27 L x 16 H x 10 D cm (or 10.6” L x 6.3” H x 3.9” D), it can carry a sizeable amount without coming off as a ludicrously capacious bag…

Showing what can fit in a Loro Piana Extra bag

At 517 grams/1.13 pounds (empty), the Loro Piana Extra bag (in Saffiano) is a lighter option as a day-to-day handbag.

With it’s unassuming size, you can avoid looking like you’re carrying a monstrous bag to a Waystar event:

Outfits with a Loro Piana Extra bag - Left to Right: James Peres t-shirt with Diesel denim shorts and <a href="">Chanel ballet flats</a>; APC jumpsuit with <a href="">Repetto Cendrillon flats</a>; Nili Lotan cami with J Brand Lovestory jeans and Christian Louboutin boots
Left to Right: James Peres t-shirt with Diesel denim shorts and Chanel ballet flats; APC jumpsuit with Repetto Cendrillon flats; Nili Lotan cami with J Brand Lovestory jeans and Christian Louboutin boots.

… mind you, your flat shoes won’t fit in for the subway home, but you should just call a cab anyways — it’s disgusting* down there.

*I have nothing against taking the subway… I was trying to be funny and riff of Cousin Greg’s line in Succession, because they are disgusting.

Similar, but different…

Pros & Cons

Discreet: The charms/locks are removable on the Extra bag, so you can put them away and only have the leather tabs.

Sizeable: While not being ridiculously sized.

Plenty of materials to choose from: … well, if you’re able to get any that is. The Extra bags come in smooth calfskin, Saffiano, cashmere, linen, wicker, and a zoo’s worth of exotic leathers.

No excess of glue/adherent: Likely because it’s smaller, but still worth mentioning, the glue on the edges isn’t excessive like The Row’s Margaux bag and is almost not noticeable tbh.

Showing how Loro Piana's Extra bag is finished

Tough to get in and out of : On Loro’s Extra bag, the zip does not go all the way around. As a result, you do stretch the leather and can scratch your hand when trying to get your things in and out of the bag.

Strap is not optional on the “Extra” bag: If you get the L27 (or the L19 Pouch bags), the strap is optional, but the strap will always be there on the “Extra” bag.

Not a pro or a con, just a note: I have concerns that the metal rings that the strap slides through could rub the leather on the strap too much and cause damage on the straps and their edges over time.

In any case, if you purchase your Extra bag from Loro Piana directly, it could save a headache in the future for after-care, as there would be a clear record that it was purchased from the boutique.

Maybe, at the end of the day, “quiet luxury” is about not caring.

Maybe, true “quiet luxury” is really centred around not caring about the latest “must have” handbag.

… or not caring about how loud someone says something, does something, or wears something.

It’s like reaching a point of nirvana where you’re totally over “polite society” ways.

And while I disagree with most of those in the Roys’ circle, I do agree that in a polite society, there would be no posting on social media.

… but, yes to wolfing all the free free canapés — although, yes, maybe not like a famished warthog.

Loro Piana Extra Bags and Pouches are available from a few retailers, if you can get your hands on one, including Bergdorf Goodman, MyTheresa, Neiman Marcus, and Net-a-Porter

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