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  • Rouje Gino Trousers Review: Summer in the shape of slacks

    Rouje Gino Trousers Review

    Did you see those floral trousers on Jeanne Damas’ Instagram? Of course they’re from Rouje. I’ll do a summery dress, obviously, or a summery skirt, but I’ve never been one for summery trousers. But Rouje’s Gino trousers? Oh boy, they look like a French summer party pants.

  • Rouje Gabinette Dress Review: I’m not obsessed with it

    Rouje Gabinette Review

    After adoring my Matis, Lena, and Gabin dresses… and of course the Lolo jumpsuit… it was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time that I got a sour cherry. Peak cherry season, for the fruit and the clothing print, is early summer. … you remember those long sweet days when all you […]

  • Rouje Lolo Jumpsuit Review: Jumping Into A Time Warp

    Every time a Rouje package lands at my doorstep I exclaim “this one is definitely my favorite!…” … but this time, I mean it. Rouje’s Lolo jumpsuit is my absolute favorite Rouje piece. If there was only one Rouje piece I could wear for the rest of my life, I would choose the Lolo. Jeanne […]

  • Rouje LENA Dress Review: Is This The Ultimate Date Dress?

    Rouje Lena dress review

    The Lena is one of Rouje’s newest dresses. It’s a midi-dress with 13 buttons down the front, a frilled collar and capped sleeves. The dress’ sweetness is offset by a striking red on black Italian inspired spot print… Basically, the Lena is like Jean-Luc Godard meets Fellini. It’s a living the sweet life kind of […]

  • Rouje GABIN Dress Review: Trying The Dress That ALWAYS Sells Out

    Rouje Gabin dress

    Rouje’s Gabin dress, i.e. the dress that always sells out. You’ve seen this dress before… or you’ve at least seen one of its many dupes. With its five buttons running down the front and a tie closure, the Gabin has been copied many, many, many times since it came out two years ago. … but […]

  • Rouje SIZE Review: How Do These “French Cool Girl” Dresses Fit?

    Rouje clothing review

    Hands up if you’ve spent more than one hour on Jeanne Damas’ Instagram.Hands up if you’ve spent more than two hours on Jeanne Damas’ Instagram. … basically, hands up if you’re obsessed with Jeanne Damas‘ effortless Parisienne style. Same.