Rouje GABIN Dress Review: Trying The Dress That ALWAYS Sells Out

Rouje’s Gabin dress, i.e. the dress that always sells out.

You’ve seen this dress before… or you’ve at least seen one of its many dupes.

Rouje Gabin Dress Review

With its five buttons running down the front and a tie closure, the Gabin has been copied many, many, many times since it came out two years ago.

… but the original in 100% viscose is so much better than any replica.


In my first Rouje dress, the Matis, I took a size FR 36.

I’m 115-117 lbs and 5’5.75″.

My sizes run below:
Réalisation Par, XS or S
HVN or Reformation, US 2 or S

To be a little more specific, here are my dimensions:
Bust: 79 cm (across my nips)
Waist: 71 cm (across my belly button)
Hips: 90 cm (at the largest part)

For the Gabin though, Rouje’s website suggested to size down for a closer fit. They said the model typically wears a FR 36, but in this Gabin, she was in a FR 34.

I listened to their advice and sized down to an FR 34.

Rouje Gabin Dress Sizing

Here’s my #1 tip: Rouje’s sizing advice is hit or miss.

See, my FR 36 Matis is pretty tight on the lower half, but too big on top… same with the Gabinette.

… on the other hand, if you size down in the Gabin dress as Rouje suggests, it becomes pretty tight all over.

An FR 34 in the Gabin works, because I’d rather it’s a little too tight on top. But, the buttons can look a little stressed (especially with the 2019 model)… And your arm mobility is limited/there’s a slight pinch under your arms.

The slight pinch under the arms is similar to the pinch in my Réalisation Par Violette dress.

Also, because it’s a size smaller, the v-neck is much higher than the FR 36 Gabinette’s… but this could be a good thing because it makes it bra-friendly.

If you accidentally buy the wrong size, here’s the deal with Rouje returns.

The 2019 Gabin is 55% rayon and 45% viscose and I ordered it again in an FR34. I find that it fits slightly tighter across the chest than the 100% viscose Gabin from before.

Rouje 2019 Gabin Sizing

Note: Check what your Gabin is made of before you purchase as there are rayon blend and polyester blend models and they fit slightly differently.

If You Want A Dress That’s Similar to the Gabin, but Different

… if you’re into the Gabin, and it isn’t sold out, just get the real deal! But if it has, or if you just want a different print, here are a few other options…


This is the dress that you want to wear while strawberry picking… or raspberry picking… or just like any cute outdoorsy activity.

This is the dress you want to wear while drinking rosé in Hossegor… or Montauk… or just like on any sun-drenched outdoor patio.

Gabin Dress

This is the dress you want to wear when you want to look like an imaginary French girl… or an imaginary European girl in general… or just like the most carefree and sweet version of yourself.

This dress is a feeling that only a French girl like Jeanne Damas could capture.


Bra Friendly
Length: Midi dresses are convertible. You can style them in so many different ways… and you don’t have to worry about your underwear showing when you get out of a car — is it just me with that concern?
Sleeves: The Gabin has the same sleeve style as their Matis dress. I love this sleeves’ 1/3 arm length and that they add pads to keep its shape. The pads make it look and feel more retro.
Gust-Proof: Réalisation Par’s Teale midi-wrap dress is a favorite, but it’s prone to flying open from a gust of wind. The Gabin’s five buttons eliminates that problem and makes it gust-proof.
Color: A redder coral with a white floral print, this color screams summer.

100% Viscose: Like Rouje’s Lena and Matis, this Gabin is 100% viscose. Viscose is semi-synthetic and is not great quality. The material is all ready starting to fray at the inside seams. New Gabin dresses are made from 100% polyester or a polyester blend (a similar blend as the Gabinette’s, which I didn’t like)… I loathe polyester more than Madonna loathes hydrangeas. If you also have strong fabric opinions, make sure to check before you buy.
Could Tear: … my coral dress eventually ripped at the sleeve. An easy rip to repair, but, viscose really isn’t that great.

The Gabin wraps all the sweet notions of summer in one dress… and the wrap silhouette ties it all up with a neat little bow.

You’re not just buying any dress, you’re buying a feeling.

You can find Rouje on their own site or via The Real Real or Vestiaire Collective, where you can save money and the environment by buying it second hand.

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  1. This is such a cute dress! Every time I think you review every cute dress known to man, you go and do it again.

    With dresses my main problem is that I’m 5’2″ so I feel like I might look super stumpy in this (unless I wear heels). Short person problems. It’s also nice to see that this is more reasonably priced than other similar options.

  2. Hi, I love this dress but I’m so worried about sizing!
    I am 5″3, a size 10D (in AUS sizing??) and wear a 0 in reformation dresses but they can be a little booby. I’m not sure what size to get… I was thinking the 34. Your site is so helpful!

    • Hey Paige,

      I’m so glad you find it helpful!

      What’s your normal AUS clothing size and what kind of Ref dresses do you normally go for (wrap, tighter, etc…)?

      I’d be concerned that a FR34 would be too small for 10D chest… It fits my 32A chest comfortably, but it starts to get tight across the middle of my ribs!

      If you have a small waist, it could work, but the upper stomach area really doesn’t have a lot of give to it…

      You might find the video review embedded on this page helpful — there are a few close ups of the chest, so just bear in mind that I’m quite small on top ahaha!

  3. Hi, I’m new in all these about Rouje dress, but it’s really nice to have all your info. About your second Gabin dress, I know it’s out of stock; but do you know the name of the print? I really would like to know. Thanks a lot

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