• Come Walk In My (Dior) Shoes

    Come Walk In My (Dior) Shoes

    For the first time since 2009, we can finally lust over buy Dior online.What better way to celebrate Dior on BergdorfGoodman.com than these white floral lattice-cut pumps? Rihanna has brought the cool to Dior (and will hopefully continue to after Raf’s departure was announced) since she was announced as a brand ambassador/face of the brand […]

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  • Here Comes The Sun

    Here Comes The Sun

    I know, it’s November… OK, halfway through November.When did winter creep up on us?Before we know it’ll be winter holidays then spring break then festival season and summer! Let’s start with this dress that just arrived today from Topshop.Cotton, embroidered, short, no back, $58 USD, and Alexa Chung vibes…What is more perfect for sunny weather?

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  • Happy Days — Isabel Marant on the Outnet!

    Happy Days — Isabel Marant on the Outnet!

    Isabel Marant time and time again does the most perfect Parisienne staples. The Bobbys, the Becketts, the Dickers… And of course, the perfect wool jacket. These kind of days are my favorite and least favorite at the same time.

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