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  • Love them or lose ’em? Isabel Marant Lennyo sandals review

    Isabel Marant Lennyo Sandals Review

    “Birkenstocks, but à la mode.” -Isabel Marant while designing the Lennyo sandals, probably. You cannot deny that Isabel Marant’s Lennyo sandals are basically Birkenstock Arizona sandals. Laden with grommets or glitter, they offer are a more fashionable alternative to plain ol’ leather. … but are they worth it? Isabel Marant Lennyo Sizing For comparison, my […]

  • Are they actually good snow boots? Isabel Marant Nowles boots review

    Isabel Marant nowles boots review

    Joining the ranks of Julius Caesar (and Joni Mitchell Leonard Cohen*), I am also as constant as the Northern Star. … at least when it comes to my brand loyalty for “nice” boots. Loeffler Randall boots are just “fine.” Christian Louboutin boots are so sophisticated. … and, ummm, hmmm, well, this is embarrassing… You see, […]

  • Chanel Slingbacks Review: The New Classic ft. Sizing Tips & Prices

    Chanel slingbacks review

    On March 10th 2015, an unexpected force was launched into the fashion world: the revamped Chanel slingbacks. Either in leather or suede, every model during the 97-look long Fall/Winter 2016 show had one thing in common; their two tone Chanel slingbacks. A simple beige body with a black capped toe, they were on every single […]

  • Are These Sneakers Actually Super? A Golden Goose Review

    golden goose sneaker review

    It took me 3 years to make my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers look loved (read: distressed). Whereas it took 3 days to get my order and 3 seconds to take my Golden Goose sneakers out of the box and have them look all ready loved (hint: they’re pre-distressed). … but without those 3 years of […]

  • Every detail including latest prices & fit | Chanel Ballet Flats review

    Chanel Ballet Flats Review

    With Chanel’s infamous price hikes, Chanel ballet flats have become seriously expensive. Considering that in 2008, they cost $550 USD, it’s actually kind of nuts… actually, a 45% price increase for a pair of shoes is all the kinds of nuts. … but here’s something even nuttier, in 2008 I skipped my high school prom […]

  • 6 pairs of pumps & 7 pieces of advice: A Christian Louboutin Heels Review

    Christian Louboutin shoes review

    Click clack, click clack, click clack Who the hell is wearing heels? … and also, what kinda heels are those? The New York Times says a pair of Christian Louboutin heels are “shorthand for luxury, fabulosity and sex appeal, a kind of synecdoche of success.” … but, are these red bottomed shoes really worth it?

  • Debunking THE Instagram shoe | Chanel Dad Sandals review

    Chanel dad sandals review

    From the OTT “new Bottega” bunch, the bisou Paris vintage crowd, the Scandi norm-core pack, even the #CottageCore crowd, everyone on Instagram dresses the same. While I will moan and complain about how Instagram ruined personal style, I still got sucked in and bought a pair of the most Instagrammy ~influencer~ shoes that transcends every […]

  • Something feels off… | a Loeffler Randall Goldy boots review

    Loeffler Randall boots review

    Knee high boots are tough to buy. … at least I think they are. This is probably why, other than my Isabel Marant Denvee boots, I’ve never really bought a pair. There’s never really been a pair that stepped up to the plate — despite how much I’ve always want some knee high boots. … […]

  • Weird sizing, but so cute | an Ancient Greek Sandals review

    ancient greek sandals review

    For the longest time I’ve held out on buying Ancient Greek Sandals. Truth be told, it’s because I’m brand loyal to K. Jacques. … and I didn’t need another pair of leather sandals that look like my favourite French pairs. Then Ancient Greek Sandals did a collaboration with HVN. … and if you follow me […]

  • Comfortable, Conscientious, AND Cool | Laiik Greek Sandals Review

    Laiik Greek sandals review

    Do you have a list of vacations you want to take once things are more settled? I do. It starts and ends with Greece. I want to eat my body weight in spanakopita every day & night. … and explore the cobble stone corners that are laden with cats. … and float on endlessly in […]