APC Denim Mini Skirt Review: It’s Short and Sweet

First impression: it’s short.

Second impression: it’s really short.

Third impression: it’s perfect.

APC denim mini skirt review

Their description of the skirt?

Very stiff canvas that wears in over time. Very short cut, slightly flared. High waist.

A.P.C. clothing is generally pretty “1970’s Kindergarten teacher-esque.”

… so I didn’t think it’d actually be “very short cut…”


For reference’s sake, I’m 5’5.75” and weigh 115-117 lbs.

My sizes run below:
Réalisation Par, XS or S
Rouje, FR 34-36
Reformation, US 2 or S
-Re/Done jeans & Reformation jeans, 25

My A.P.C. denim mini skirt is a size FR 36.

For normal A.P.C. dresses & tops, I’m more comfortable in an FR 38. For A.P.C. jeans, I take a size 26.

APC Skirt sizing

This skirt is made from 100% cotton. It’s Japanese raw denim (click here to read more about the difference between raw and “normal”), which means that overtime it will relax and form to my waist/body more.

It sits right at my waist, just below my bellybutton — I wore a crop top just to show you where it sits!

But… if you aren’t planning on wearing this mini a ton and don’t have time to break it in, just get your normal comfortable size. Raw denim requires a lot of time to break in.


It’s such a short skirt that you I need help making your my legs longer.

Because my legs are a little shorter, this A.P.C. denim mini skirt looks best with a mid-heel because of how much a little heel will elongate your leg.

See what I mean? A little heel goes a long way…

APC Mini Denim Skirt

Left to Right: Chanel slingbacks, K. Jacques mules, Repetto Camilles. All worn with a Wolford bodysuit.

How I Wear It Out

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Price: $120 USD is not a bad price for a mini skirt that will last for as long as this one will. It’s a classic style that won’t look dated or too young (or too old)… plus it’s super high quality…
Quality: A.P.C. is known for their quality and this skirt is no exception. This review was written in 2016, but in 2019 it is still as solid as when I first bought it.
Denim Wash: Raw denim is a deep indigo with a beautiful sheen on it. Overtime it will fade though.
Not Pre-Destructed: No holes, no frayed edges, just a luxe little skirt that can be worn to ~nicer~ places… but also to dive bars.

Stiff: For this skirt, A.P.C. uses their signature raw denim… which means this skirt is stiff. When I get up from sitting down, it sticks up, stays up and, well, my underwear goes on display.
Super Short: If you’re over 5’6”, you might want to consider just how mini this mini skirt is.

A.P.C.’s denim mini skirt is short… but, it’s nothing short of perfect.

If you’re up for the length and wanna dip your toes into the OG ~French cool girl~ brand, this is where you should start.

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