How To Wear Kitten Heels & Look Cool ft. 7 Outfits & Styling Tricks

Vogue is calling for the comeback of the kitten heel this fall… And while the kitten heel is as polarizing as wedge sneakers (or UGGs), I am 100% here for it.

A kitten heel is 1.5 inches to 2 inches — and the heel is like a stiletto’s: slender. With such an in between height and shape, you’re left wondering how to wear kitten heels.

how to wear kitten heels
(illustration c/o here)

The Manolo Blahnik BBs I have are 70mm, so 2.75 inches — a little higher than a traditional kitten heel, but they still look like a kitten heel.

Manolo Blahnik BB Outfit
My interpretation of what a French Vogue editor would wear to a “fancy” dinner

I had not worn them out of the house once until last weekend. It’s ridiculous, but I could not figure out what to wear with kitten heels in the summer.

My sister and I went out for dinner at Donde José in Casco Viejo, Panama (highly recommended!). Some nights you just feel like wearing jeans. And that night was one of them, but I also wanted to be fancy. Then the wheels started to turn…

I got inspired by Emmanuelle Alt’s summer fashion and the fact that Kate Moss has been wearing Manolo Blahniks a lot lately.

Also, Kate’s going out uniform is now a black jean and black t-shirt — exactly what I felt like wearing!

So I plucked out a black t-shirt, grabbed my trusty Isabel Marant x H&M silver belt (I love this belt too much), added a black patent Chanel classic flap (medium with silver hardware to match the IM belt), and of course, the BBs.

I felt like a French Vogue editor circa 2012: perfect… Put together, rock and roll, so so so cool. Yes, I repeat, I felt “so so so” cool while wearing kitten heels.


After wearing my Manolos to dinner that night, the BB bug bit me hard. Now all I want to do is wear my Manolo Blahnik kitten/midi heels.

But how to wear kitten heels, especially in the summer?

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Jeans are basically the best thing to wear kitten/midi-heels with.

Kitten heels with jeans

A daytime look and a nighttime look — they work together for any hour.

… a dress will make you look a bit too stuffy.

Kitten heels with a dress

This Isabel Marant dress is from The Outnet, two years ago, it’s so cool, but gets stuffed-up with the low-heel.

… unless it’s a slip dress (like my Kate Moss x Equipment Jessa slip dress) then it’ll make you look like Carrie Bradshaw.

Slip dress with kitten heels

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing, to be honest.


But if you still want to try kitten heels with a bareleg, here’s an idea — a midi skirt… Or even better: a bell skirt!

Kitten Heels with a Skirt

Both the skirts are from Opening Ceremony — they are the only skirts I’ve ever loved.

As cool as Leandra Medine looks in denim shorts and kitten heels, when I tried denim shorts and a denim skirt, I got flashbacks to my freshman year at FIT (when I tried too hard to get dressed)…
I’ll spare you the photos…! ?

I’m sticking to wearing jeans with my kitten heels…

How do you wear your kitten to midi heels?

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