Réalisation Par Naomi Skirt SIZING Review: I’m not wild about it

To start this review, the Naomi skirt is the first Réalisation Par item that I’ve ever returned.

Sure, I wanted to exchange my first Ozzie and the Christy for smaller sizes… the Naomi though? I returned it.

Réalisation Par Naomi skirt review

If you’ve read my other Réalisation Par reviews, you’ll note that this review feels different.

Normally my reviews flow, but the Naomi skirt in “wild things” was just totally not for me.

As a lover of bias cut tops and dresses (hi, the Amelia dress!), it pains me to say that something was just off.


I ordered my Naomi skirt in a size SMALL.

I’m 5’5.75” and weigh 113-115lbs. In Réalisation Par dresses I normally take an XS. In jeans I generally take a size 25 or 26, sometimes a 24. You can see my Re/Done, A.P.C., or Rag & Bone jean reviews to find out full waist-related sizing details.

Realisation Par Naomi skirt sizing

Unsure about my sizing (XS vs S), I listened to Réalisation Par’s sizing tip: size up.

Here’s the thing about size small: the elastic is pretty small, but the hips are pretty big.

When I measure the waist in size small flat and not stretched, it’s 34.5 cm or 13.5 inches. When it’s stretched it to its fullest capacity, it’s 40 cm or 15.75 inches across. These measurements are flat across and not circular like Réalisation Par’s measurements.


The size small Naomi requires a wiggle or two to get over my hips when I step into it.

I can barely get the Naomi skirt over my hips when I put it on like one would a normal skirt (I have read that most girls put it on over their head like a t-shirt)… when I finally get it on there’s a pinch of extra space on the waist and a decent amount of extra space in the hip area.

Realisation Par Naomi skirt fit

In general, the Naomi skirt did absolutely nothing for my figure. It made my stomach look wider than it is and didn’t add any shape. This is likely due to the size. I imagine that if the waist was tighter it would have pulled things in more.

The Naomi’s length is pretty perfect though.

The size small measures 74.5 cm or 30 inches down the side seam. On my 5’5.75” height, it falls at mid-shin length. When the Naomi is sitting at my natural waist line it’s the same length as the size small Juliet dress.



… to begin with, the fit.

The Naomi skirt doesn’t flatter me and it’s likely due to the wrong size… but even if it was the correct size, I’m still unsure if I would love it, because…

… then there’s the “wild things” print.

I should have listened to my gut and gone with it in “flower power” instead. Those clustered daisies are definitely more me.

Leopard print is one of my favorite prints, but “wild things” isn’t a exactly a leopard print. It’s more of a cheetah/leopard hybrid print, which I’m personally not wild about.

Wild things print

… and to end with, the style.

Attitude has everything to do with being able to pull anything off.

All of the outfits I tried to create with the Naomi felt insincere. This is a big indication that it simply isn’t my style. My style’s attitude just wasn’t into it, so the outfits didn’t feel ~me.~

It’s completely likely that it is YOUR style though.

We all interpret fashion differently and that shows through our own unique styles & outfits. This is what makes getting dressed and #OOTDs so much fun.



I didn’t make this order with my normal account, so I had to email their customer service to start my Réalisation Par return.

Here’s what it looked like:

August 19: Sent an email request for a Return Authorization number.
August 20: Heard back and was asked if I’d like a refund or exchange, I asked for a refund within 1.5 hours of receiving the email.
August 21: Sent a “just touching base” email.
August 22-23: Waited
August 24: Sent another “just touching base” email.
August 25: Finally received the Return Authorization number.

In the past I’ve received speedy responses from their customer service, but this time was lightly frustrating. I believe it was a lemon situation. After all, they have grown astronomically this summer… Think about how many people you’ve seen in the Naomi. Imagine how many orders & customer service questions they get?

A downside to shopping with smaller brands is that you’re responsible for return shipping costs… and you will not get the initial shipping cost ($15 USD) refunded.

Realisation Par returns

Luckily for USA based shoppers, Réalisation Par has their return facility in Los Angeles. This makes return shipping a lot cheaper for those in North America.

Tracked return shipping, via USPS, cost $6.70 USD from the Bay Area in California to Los Angeles.

It’s a bummer to pay $21.70 USD to try something on, but it happens… at least it cost less to try on than my dress from Musier Paris (@adenorah’s brand).

I sent the Naomi back on August 25th, it was received by their team on August 27th and on August 31st, I received my refund of $180 USD (the skirt cost minus initial shipping charges). After waiting so long for an RA number, I was happily surprised by the quick refund.


100% Silk Satin
Elastic Waist: You can decide if you want the skirt to be higher or lower. However, I find it looks better higher.

Elastic Waist: It’s not stretchy enough. If it was stretchier I would have felt more confident about ordering it in a size XS.

… while I returned the skirt there weren’t any problems with its quality. It simply wasn’t my style, which isn’t necessarily a “con.”


Sometimes you gotta admit when something just isn’t right for you. For me, I know I won’t feel like my best self in the “wild things” Naomi.

… maybe I’m just more of a house cat and less of a wild cat these days.

If this generally sounds like a sad admission to getting old, it isn’t.

If this generally sounds like a sad admission that this is the first Réalisation Par piece that I didn’t care for, it is.

While I wasn’t wild about the “wild things” print and Naomi skirt on me, it still has that great Réalisation Par quality and style… and I’m still a curious kitten about it in “flower power” and a smaller size.

You can find the Naomi skirt on the Real Real or Vestiaire Collective, where you could save money and the environment by buying it second hand.

Note: newinspired uses affiliate links which costs you nothing… but means a lot to me. When you use these links, the money newinspired earns gets reinvested in blog content. Absolutely nothing on newinspired is “gifted,” I purchase each item with my own money. Affiliate commissions are used to purchase new items to honestly & thoroughly review. If you found this review helpful, consider using them to support newinspired.


-Take your normal Réalisation Par size. If it feels too tight, try putting it on over your head like you would a t-shirt.
-Réalisation Par has random flash sales, but the Naomi has been on sell-out mode since April, so don’t hold your breath that it’ll be in stock when a sale is on.


10 responses to “Réalisation Par Naomi Skirt SIZING Review: I’m not wild about it”

  1. I am having the same return experience!! It’s horrendous, I’ve shipped the item back and it appears USPS has attempted to deliver it twice now to no avail… are they even there? I’ve emailed them twice about it and no response in the last seven days.

    I will definitely not be ordering from them again. The dress I got, the Alexandra, didn’t even feel like silk. It was shipped from a ‘logistics facility’ in Hong Kong…

    • Hey Sydney,

      Ugh, I hear you — good thing you got tracked shipping!

      I’ve emailed their customer service twice in the past and had a great experience with them… but unfortunately right now it looks like their support team is super inundated with issues.

      You could try sending them a DM on Instagram and see if they’re more communicative over there? I hope that helps!

      Réalisation Par, like a lot of young brands (Rouje, With Jéan, etc…), manufactures their garments in China, which (I’m assuming) accounts for their lower prices for 100% silk pieces.

      Personally, I love how their silk feels and how they use different weaves of silk for each of their different dresses so it gives each style a different look. Some are out of the lighter and softer silk chiffon (the Ozzie), some are silk crepe which gives it more texture (the Alexandra), and some are shiny silk satin like the Naomi… It might not be the *besssssst* silk in the world, but considering most brands at this price point use viscose, I’m quite happy with it… Now if only they could hire more customer service team members…! 😉

    • Hi Helena,

      Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

      Unfortunately I returned the skirt so I can’t take a greater look inside for you. However the skirt is not lined, like most Réalisation Par pieces, so it’s a single piece of silk. The Naomi’s silk is a silk satin, so it has a biiiiit more weight than other RP pieces — I quite liked it!

    • Hey Kerrie,


      With either black opaque or sheer or even fishnet tights…!

      I could see it working so well with a fisherman knit cream sweater or a black crew neck cashmere sweater tucked in or a cropped red cardigan with a black tank top underneath… ooo, so many possibilities — even with like a navy blue blazer… ooooooo or a cream cashmere sweater with a black peacoat… the possibilities are endless. The silk material really lends itself to fall fabrics. The juxtaposition of cashmere and silk (and maybe even suede shoes or boots!) will never get old.

      The Naomi skirt unfortunately just didn’t suit my style or flatter my shape!

  2. Thank you for this review. I’ve been contemplating this skirt, but wasn’t sure about the quality. I also saw some negative comments on Instagram about the company. Your review is so helpful, especially the comments about the elastic waist. Bias-cut skirts usually have a zipper, so I can see why there would be issues with an elastic waist. That said, I love this print and think I’d get a lot of use out of it. It is definitely my style! My waist-to-hips differential is not that significant, so I’m wondering if that would work in my favor. Also, do you think the company is reputable, but experiencing growing pains, versus the fly-by-night China shops?

    • I 100% believe that they’re experiencing growing pains…

      They significantly grew over the summer due and I think they simply had problems keeping up with the demand. This is my 9th item that I purchased directly from them and the only one where I really experienced a severe lag in customer service. They are definitely not a scam or a fly-by-night shop — simply experiencing growing pains (what a good way to put it, by the way!).

      The skirt is the same Réalisation Par silk/quality. It has a little weight to it (but still slightly sheer), but it’s not Equipment blouse kind of weight/quality… but it also isn’t Equipment kind of prices (~$400 for a dress). Granted $180 is a lot for a skirt, but when you compare it to other more contemporary pieces on the market, it’s on… par, heh heh. EX. Musier, Reformation, and Rouje use viscose or polyester (which IMO don’t feel as great on your skin) but charge similar prices…

      I’ve only had one issue with my Réalisation Par dresses’ quality… My Violette dress arrived with some light fraying, so I emailed them and they extended a defect discount in the form of a refund. Apart from that one dress, I’ve never had a problem.

      I have no idea why they didn’t add a zipper — they put zippers on all of their dresses! I just got a silk Kate Moss x Topshop bias maxi skirt from 2007 on eBay and even they had the foresight to add a zipper to the side… I think your ratio would definitely work in your favour though!

      Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  3. I thought you look good in this and it’s a shame the skirt made you feel insincere about your style. I got mine and found the hips area rather roomy too and decided to deal with it. I find the animal print does give an “edge” to my style. Gonna set fire around the ‘hood.

    • Aw, thanks Yve!

      For some reason it just didn’t *sit* (get it? — like the hips and waist were too big, ahahah) right with me.

      I’m glad you kept it. I bet you make it look even more cool! It’s one of those pieces that I imagine someone keeps in their closet when they want a look that makes them feel invincible. It’s such a great piece! I wish it had felt right on me, but onto the next! 🙂

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