Réalisation Par AMELIA Dress Review: A 1990’s Day Dream Dress

“There’s a difference between like and love. I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.”
-Bianca Stratford, 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

20 years later, it’s time for Bianca Stratford’s ever immortal analogy of love to be updated…

Realisation Par Amelia dress review

… see, I like my other Réalisation Par dresses, but I love my Amelia dress.

Not convinced? That’s because you don’t have an Prada backpack Amelia dress.

No idea what I’m talking about? Watch 10 Things I Hate About You then continue on to the rest of my Réalisation Par Amelia dress review.

Réalisation Par Amelia SIZING

My Amelia dress is a size extra small (XS).

This is the same size as my most of my Réalisation Par dresses. I normally wear a US 2 in Reformation, a FR 36 in Rouje, or a UK 8-10.

On my 5’5.75” and 115-117lbs frame, the Amelia comes down mid-shin. The Amelia in XS is the same length as an XS Violette or Teale dresses.

realisation par amelia dress sizing

For comparison, the Amelia XS dimensions in bold vs mine:
Bust: 77 cm vs 79 cm for me
Waist: 64 cm vs 72 cm for me
Hip: 90 cm vs. 90 cm for me

I had a lot of concerns about the Amelia’s corset style top after my Christy dress (size S) was too loose. With the Amelia in an XS, the bust is perfect.

The Amelia’s top hugs, but doesn’t flatten your chest. It lifts, but doesn’t over squeeze. This is mainly due to the slightly curved stitching that they added up the front.

… and the bottom of the dress is bias cut which means that it is tailored to wrap around and accentuate your best assets.

Amelia dress bottom

Looking for Something Similar But Different?

Check out these slips that are similar to the Amelia, but in different prints… I love that daisy print on the first one!


100% Silk Crepe
Adjustable Straps: Unlike Réalisation Par’s Juliet dress, you can adjust the straps on the Amelia. This way you can choose how low it is or how high it is.
Bias Cut Bottom: Super flattering.
Corset-esque Top: The top amplifies and smooths (but doesn’t flatten) your chest.

Sheer: The Amelia is not lined and in “Nudité” you need skin-tone underwear.

Amelia nudité


Per Réalisation Par’s description of the Amelia…
The Amelia dress. It’s like the Emilie but with our signature silk for ease and a bit of length for flow.
The length and silk crepe allows it to move easier than the Emilie or the Christy. You don’t feel restrained in the Amelia.

Putting it on is like falling in love.
Falling in love is an indescribable feeling, you simply know when you’re in it.
I had no idea how the Amelia would look or fit when I ordered it. Once I slipped it on, I knew that this was the Réalisation Par dress I’d been waiting for.

It’s weightless, flirty and committed to embracing your best assets.
It’s super light, has the sweetest print, and flatters every millimetre of your body.

Realisation Par Amelia dress

Réalisation Par’s Amelia is the “strategically planned sundress.”

It’s the one that girls like Chastity want to wear, boys like hot rod Joey want to get in and the one that keeps fathers like Walter “elbow deep in placenta all day long.” (… too gross?)

From the bias cut to the subtle floral print, it’s the dress that “those damn Dawson’s River kids” would wear and it’s the one that fulfills all of my 1990’s high school daydreams.

It’s simply too good to be true… and no one will be able to take their eyes off of you in it.

You can find the Amelia dress on the Real Real or Vestiaire Collective, where you could save money and the environment by buying it second hand.


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-Take your normal Réalisation Par size for the Amelia, but size up if you have a bigger bust.
-Réalisation Par’s return process can be a bit time intensive, here‘s what to expect.
-Réalisation Par offers discount codes several random times a year. They’re generally for 20% off everything.

9 responses to “Réalisation Par AMELIA Dress Review: A 1990’s Day Dream Dress”

  1. Hello! I am not sure what size to order in this dress. I am about 8-10 pounds heavier than you, but same height with small boobs. I was wondering if you think I would need to get the XS like you or the S?

    • I have the rouje gabin dress in a 34, but it is a little tight. Also most of my reformation dresses are a 2, some are a 0. And I have the realisation par teale dress in XS.

      • Hmmm, judging by the fact that we’re the exact same size in Ref and Rouje, I’d say grab the XS.

        I find it a pinch snug all over (like my FR 34 Gabin, only the Gabin is a bit more tight), but it’s way better than if it was too big (like my Réalisation Par Juliet dress is)!

        My only concern would be if you have a bigger bum — I find that the XS is perfect for mine, but mine is also pretty, um, not shapely…

    • Oof, send their customer service an email.

      Mine is pretty flat as you can see in the GIFs above… if they take more than 2 business days (keep in mind they’re in Australia!), then send them an Instagram DM with your order number (they’re super responsive on IG).

      I always wonder if my Christy is a lemon because of how much the hips flare out… I should have emailed them! You can see in the regular straight on photos how big they were: https://www.newinspired.com/realisation-par-christy-dress-review/

      • I had a weird encounter wherein one cs offered me 20% off the dress and one told me to “Steam the zipper” (which btw i tried, the problem is with how it was tailored, especially with the bias skirt part). Anyhow, I love the dress so much, I decided to take them up on the 20% off refund and take the dress to a tailor. Fingers crossed she is able to adjust the silly zipper.

        I have commented about the Christy over on that post!

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