Rat & Boa Dress Review: Every detail on Instagram’s newest It-Brand

It’s been a while since I reviewed an “Instagram It-Brand.”

There was one thing holding me back from ordering a dress from Rat & Boa…


Unlike their models, I’m not a bronzed leggy goddess.

My legs don’t go on for days and even if they did, before this package arrived, it’s been a lot of days since I’ve been anywhere near bronzed.

But, we’ve gone over Rouje’s sizing, exhausted Réalisation Par’s dresses, covered Reformation’s and even dabbled in With Jéan.

… so, what about Rat & Boa?

Rat and Boa SIZING

For reference’s sake, I’m 5’5.75”, weigh 116-118 lbs and am a ~32A.
This information is (somewhat) useful for comparing sizing.

My dress sizes run below:
-US 2, in HVN or Reformation
-Small, in T-Shirts
-FR 34-38, in Isabel Marant or Rouje

In general, I recommend you take your “true” size for Rat & Boa — or your same larger Réalisation Par size, ex, I would never take an XS in most dresses, but for Réalisation Par, I only sometimes do.

Ariel Dress

My Rat & Boa Ariel dress is a size small.

Rat and Boa sizing

In a size small I can easily step in & out, while the bias cut skims what (little) curves I have.

The majority of Rat & Boa’s dresses are bias cut (like Réalisation Par’s Naomi skirt), which means they have a super second skin feel.

The bias cut gives the Ariel dress a fluid shape and a whole lot of sexy slinkiness.

Stevie Dress

Next, Rat & Boa’s semi-namesake dress, the Stevie dress — also in a size small…

Rat and Boa dress fit

It has a long zip down the back, which makes it easier to get over my ~90cm hips.

Super short with super long sleeves (elasticated at the ends), the Stevie dress makes more of a statement than their bias cut dresses…

It’s put together, it borders bohemia, it flatters flatter chests… the Stevie, like its namesake Stevie Nicks, is slightly magical and super strong.


These are dresses that you want need to be seen in.

They’re dresses that you put on and think: I want to dance tango now (even if you, uhh, don’t dance).

They’re dreamy summery vacation dresses.

… I mean look at them, if they don’t cry “take me somewhere warm,” I don’t know what does.


Natural Blend Material: Sometimes Rat & Boa uses 100% viscose, but for the most part their dresses are a blend of silk and something else so it drapes exactly the way they want it to.
Quality Details: Every detail is thought of from elastics at the end of the sleeve to a lined top for the Ariel.
Surprisingly Flattering: I’ve gained weight lately and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how these dresses would look — I think they don’t look half bad.
Adjustable Straps: Their bias cut maxi dresses have adjustable straps, so no worries if you need it longer or shorter.

Not Everyday Wear: It’d be nice if Rat & Boa’s dresses were more day or night, but oh well.

While barely there, Rat & Boa’s dresses only look like they’re intimidating to wear.

Those Instagram models’ legs go on for days, but with confidence and attitude (and a long weekend in the sun), anyone can pull their dresses off.

Rat & Boa’s dresses have more substance than they let on.

… unsurprising from a brand who got their name from a Stevie Nicks quote.

There’s magic in these dresses… or at least they’ll make you feel magical.

Available exclusively on Rat and Boa.

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