Castañer Espadrilles Review: A Perfect Summer Shoe ft. Sizing & Outfits+

After moving “home” to the Caribbean, I needed a pair of shoes that could be worn to a sandy Sunday lunch just as easily as a Government building.

Castaner Espadrilles Review

I’ve always been a fan of espadrilles… but have never been able to find the perfect pair.

There’s always something wrong with them.

The material is too high on my foot, the material is too low on my foot (toe cleavage, ugh). They’re too flat, they’re too high… It goes on.

… until, Castañer popped up on my favourite online shop.

Castañer has tight ties to creating the first popular espadrille ever with Yves Saint Laurent… and you know I’m a sucker for companies that are known for making “the best” specific product.

So, I ordered a pair (and another!), let’s review the Castañer Carina 60 espadrilles…

Castañer Espadrille Sizing

For comparison’s sake, my other shoe sizes are…
-Adidas Stan Smiths, US 8
Chanel Shoes, 39
Golden Goose, 39
Hermès, 39
Isabel Marant, 39
Manolo Blahnik, 39
-Nikes, US 8.5
Repetto, 39.5

My Castañer Carina 60 espadrilles, in Ivory, are a size IT/EU 39.

These espadrilles run true to French sizing.

Castaner Espadrille Sizing

There is a pinch of wiggle room in the toe, so a half size would have been better… but since Castañer doesn’t do half sizes, it’s safer to size up.

Since they’re lace up espadrilles, you don’t need to worry if the straps will be too loose — you’re the one who decides exactly how tight they should be on your legs.

Castañer Espadrille Quality & Comfort

While Castañer’s Carina 60 espadrilles have a 60 mm wedge (the number after “Carina” signifies the millimetre height of the wedge), they are super comfortable.

I’ve only gotten one blister on the back of my heel when I tied them WAY too tight and walked around way too far.

The Carina espadrilles have a cushioned insole along with a rubber sole, which makes walking a comfortable breeze.

The wedge’s braiding is still so tight even after years of non-stop wearing. The canvas over the toes holds its shape… and the laces haven’t even pilled.

Their quality is exactly on par with Lanvin, Hermès, or even Christian Louboutin… which makes sense since Castañer creates espadrilles for them and 12 other designer labels.

Pros & Cons

Price: $100-120 USD really isn’t bad for a chic pair of shoes
Quality: Super durable, I’ve had mine for three years now and they look as good as ever.
Ability to Throw in Your Suitcase: The canvas toe might crush, but it’ll regain its shape.

Lace Up Ribbon: I prefer the old shoelace tie instead of the current grosgrain ribbon — it was easier to tie.

Castaner Carina Espadrilles

Castañer has been making the espadrille since before espadrilles even became re-popular in the 2010’s.

Would you rather a brand that just started making espadrilles because they’re in vogue?
… or a heritage brand who has been crafting them for decades?

While it looks like Castañer is retiring the mid-heel, Shopbop still has the 60mm espadrille.

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4 responses to “Castañer Espadrilles Review: A Perfect Summer Shoe ft. Sizing & Outfits+”

  1. Do you find these wedge espadrilles difficult to walk in? Bought a pair in white and I keep tripping 🙁 even a friend of mine had a pair of platform espadrilles where she kept tripping.

    • How high are the pair you purchased?

      Mine are the lower ones — 6cm, and I find them very easy to walk in. Any shoe I wear normally has some kind of a low-heel on them (e.g. Isabel Marant Dickers, Repetto Camilles) though…
      Shoes that you aren’t used to might take some time getting used to. I almost always trip, even in a new pair of flats ?

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