Everlane Shirt Review: Great fit, but I have a small issue with it

I always thought Everlane was just a brand that only people in Silicon Valley are obsessed with, i.e. my boyfriend wears a ton of their clothes.

He has that typical tech guy style:
✅ No-logo button down shirt
✅ No-logo hoodie sweater
✅ No-logo khaki trousers
✅ Allbirds

He looks adorable in Everlane, but I was always like ehhh.

Everlane button down shirt review

… until I got my Everlane bodysuit and was blown away by its quality.

After seeing this lady on the street wearing the coolest outfit (with an untucked white shirt), I was hit with a “I need an oversized white shirt NOW” mania.

So, I went over to Everlane and ordered their “Poplin Oversized Shirt.”

After a lifetime (okay, my early 20’s) of wearing J. Crew shirts, I was curious.

How would Everlane’s button down fit, feel, and compare?


For reference’s sake, I’m 5’5.75” and weigh 115-118 lbs.
I give this information because it could be useful to gauge your size against.

My sizes run below:
-US 2, in HVN or Reformation
-Small, in T-Shirts
-FR 34-38, in Isabel Marant or Rouje
J. Crew Shirts, Small or US 2
… and you can find my other Everlane-specific size reviews here.

My Everlane Poplin Oversized Shirt is a size US 2.

Everlane button down shirt sizing

It fits exactly how you would think an “oversized” shirt would.

The length is slightly longer than a normal shirt would be.

The body is a bit wider than a normal shirt would be.

… and the sleeves are slightly longer than a normal shirt would be.

For an oversized shirt, the fit is exactly what I wanted & expected.


Everlane nails the oversized shirt look.

The only bummer is that the quality is like 87%.

It definitely has a good weight and a solid construction.

… but the buttons get stuck on the threads when you unbutton the shirt, ugh!

The loose threads from the holes make the shirt look slightly messy.

… for me, it isn’t a total deal breaker.

I subscribe to the Alexa Chung aesthetic that something should always be just a little “off” with your outfit.

If that means a tattered button hole, sure… but it should be brought up, because you might not like that.

How To Style It

How to style a white button down shirt


100% Cotton
Perfectly oversized
Side slits: Great if you want your tail to hang out (sounds sarcastic, but seriously).

The button issue: So close to being perfect, but it’s really a pain tbh.
Works better untucked: It adds some bulk to your waist/hips if you fully tuck it in.

Does this mean that I’m starting to dress like my boyfriend now?

I guess

… but only call me out if you see me in a pair of Allbird’s wool sneakers.

The Oversized Poplin Shirt is available here.
If oversized isn’t for you, here are a few other Everlane button down shirt styles that you might like more…

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Everlane bodysuit review
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