Sleeper Dress Review: Linen “sleepwear” that wakes you up

“Summer in the city
Means cleavage, cleavage, cleavage
And I start to miss you, baby, sometimes.”
-Regina Spektor, “Summer In The City” (2006)

You know that 32°C/90°F kind of summer weather?

When it’s so humid and so sticky that all you want to do is wear (close to) nothing and call it a day?

Sleeper dress review

The kind of day where the heat (seemingly) melts the trash and your fingers (seemingly) expand twice their size (is that just me?).

Yeah, those days.

Remembering those sweltering days & with a recent trip to NYC planned, I realised my usual silk dresses weren’t going to cut it.

Silk + buckets of sweat = no bueno.

I needed something that breathes, something easy to wear and something with more space.

Something like Sleeper’s dresses…


For reference’s sake, I’m 5’5.75” and weigh 115-118 lbs.
I give this information because sometimes it’s helpful to gauge your size against.

My sizes run below:
-US 2, in HVN or Reformation
-Small, in T-Shirts
-FR 34-38, in Isabel Marant or Rouje

For a dress that’s slightly unshapely, I still wasn’t sure about sizing.

My Sleeper Brigitte dress is a size small.

Sleeper Brigitte Dress sizing

Afterall, my NY restaurant “must visit” list was longer than my trip, so a little bit of extra space couldn’t hurt…

The sleeves were not as “poofy” as I thought they’d be — I thought they’d be unwearably poofy.

The shape was not as shapeless as I thought it’d be — I thought it’d totally hide my figure.

The length was not as long as I thought it’d be — I thought I’d trip on the hem.

It’s been a minute since I’ve immediately picked up the manicure scissors to cut the tags off a dress.

Within a week, I was in New York and compulsively indulged my deluge — I same-day ordered Sleeper’s Jane dress from Net-A-Porter, also in a size small.

Sleeper dress sizing

Maybe it was having just seen Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, mesmerized by Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Sharon Tate…

… or maybe the city’s heat just got to me — but another Sleeper linen dress happened.

Either way, at half the length, the Jane dress adds a lot to my burgeoning collection.


It’s a brand based out of Ukraine by two friends, but 80% of sales come from America.

It’s sleepwear, but it’s “sleepleisure.”

It’s a “man repeller’s” day dream, but the styles wake you up.

When it’s as humid as a real jungle outside, all you want is a dress that you can throw on and go.

A dress that you can literally wake up in after a mid-afternoon midsummer cat nap, brush your teeth and pop out for early drinks with friends in.

They’re slightly retro, but in a modern way.

They’re comfortable, but don’t look overly leisurely.

They’re heralded as an it-dress, but aren’t showing any signs of stopping.


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All Natural Fibres: All garments are either 100% linen or 100% cotton, i.e. ideal for humidity.
Unbelievably Comfortable: Really hides all matter of sin (read: steak tartare & heaps of french fries).
Unbelievably Effortless: Throw on some hoop earrings and slip on your most comfortable shoes — Sleeper’s dresses are the cornerstone of any easy summer outfit.

Could Use Pockets: Every time I wear this dress, I always think there will be pockets — there aren’t.

Five years ago, I left New York City’s sweltering summers.

I kicked and screamed and would have done anything to stay— at the time, I was Samson and same-day Net-A-Porter deliveries was my flowing hair.

Five years later, my summers have been traded for the Bay Area’s more reasonable temperatures.

I haven’t kicked or screamed nor would I do anything to change it — at this time, I don’t miss what was anymore.

… and yes, Sleeper’s dresses work just as well, and maybe even better, from here.

Sleeper dresses are available from Net-A-Porter orShopbop, among other retailers…

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