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To me, white denim = preppy.

… and not in a good ironic-preppy Vampire Weekend way.

Re/Done Denim Shorts Review

Off-white denim though?

Well, the gloves are off and (all my) wisdom teeth are out.

I’m stronger now, I’m ready for the house off-white denim.

… but, like Vampire Weekend’s single, “Step,” I can’t do it alone.

Enter: Re/Done’s Double Needle Western Shorts to help me enter the grownup world of white denim.

With a special guest star of Re/Done’s 70s High Waisted Shorts.

Re/Done OriginalDenim Shorts SIZING

For reference, I’m 5’5.75” and weigh 115-117lbs.

My other denim shorts sizes run below:
Acne Studios denim shorts, size 25
AGOLDE, size 25
Citizens of Humanity, 25
Levi’s 501 shorts, 26
-Rag & Bone Mila shorts c. 2010, size 25

My latest Re/Done 70’s High Rise Shorts, in Broken Black, are a size 26.

Re/Done 70s High Waisted Shorts Sizing

While there is slightly more space in the waist than the Double Needle Western Shorts, I feel like this could still be the right size, especially considering I’m usually a size larger than the models on Shopbop.

They generally feel, and look, kinda large — and definitely do not do any favours for my bum.

For some reason though, despite how large they may feel, Re/Done’s 70’s High Rise Shorts look pretty good on…

Meanwhile, my old Re/Done’s Double Needle Western Shorts, which this review was originally based on, are a size 26 (a size up from my usual Re/Done jeans size).

Re/done denim shorts sizing

Shown with my xkarla “The Baby Tee.”

The size 25 was a little too tight around my hips/waist and as a result gave a slight camel toe effect — no bueno.

While more comfortable around my waist, the size 26 are longer and slightly less flattering to my (flatter) bum.

… but considering that 100% cotton denim is prone to slight shrinking in the wash, a size up is the way to go.

Ultimately, you should go with the size that feels most comfortable on and consider that they might minimally shrink.

Your true Re/Done Originals jeans size is a good place to start, then depending on how those jeans fit, size up or down.


There’s no point in poetically waxing on about how much I love the white “Western” shorts.

Instead, I’ll just show you a few favourite ways I’ll be (obsessively) wearing them…

Re/Done shorts outfits

Left to Right: Rockins White T-Shirt with Chanel flats & bag and Goop x Jennifer Fisher hoops, Kate Moss x Equipment Sweater with a tote bag and Hermès Oran Sandals, Calder Blake T-Shirt with a Louis Vuitton Pouch and Repetto Flats.

While I had my white denim shorts worries, they were all assuaged when I realised that it’s not about the colour of your denim — it’s what you bring to them.

If you want them to be slightly ~subversive~ in them, you can do that.

All it takes is fully understanding what you want them to reflect — totally commit to the ~vibe~ you want.

Pros & Cons

100% Cotton: While you I might be nervous about shrinking, I do like how they are a bit stiffer.
Length: Shorts are better shorter and Re/Done’s Western Shorts are short.
Minimally distressed: Not too beat up, but just a little fraying.
Zip fly: While button flies are no big deal, I do prefer a zip fly — they’re just faster!
Easy returns: I ordered my white pair from Re/Done directly. Their return process was easy (and free) and allowed me to order a size up without any extra wait time… as for my black 70’s pair, they were from Shopbop where returns are always simple.

Sizing can be tough to get right: I had to order two pairs to be sure.

I stand corrected.

Off-white denim, or even white denim, can work.

With Re/Done’s (sorry to use this word, but…) hipster edge, these denim shorts get kicked out of Hyannisport and head straight to watch Tame Impala side stage at Glastonbury.

Re/Done denim shorts are available from Net-A-Porter, Revolve, Shopbop, or Re/Done’s site, where you can save 20% off with my code, from $185 USD.

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