Reformation Jeans Review: Here’s the 411 on Fit & Feel

TLDR: Your jeans are destroying the environment.

Think of all those toxic chemicals used to dye and thousands of gallons of wasted water… just so that we can buy another pair of jeans (that if we’re being honest with ourselves, we probably don’t need).

reformation jeans review

Grim, right? Yeah, but don’t click away.

While I waffle if I like the Reformation or not, one thing is undeniable: they are reforming ethical fashion… and that includes their jeans.

Their denim is either created from reworked surplus denim or a mix of recycled cotton, organic cotton, and Tencel.

This means that we can buy as many pairs of jeans as our little hearts desire, guilt free.

They might be guilt free, but are they still worth it?

I’ve been in the market for a pair of jeans that make my legs look just a little longer, my bum just a little rounder and that complement my new By Far Becca boots.
I decided to try these three pairs of Reformation jeans…

Serena: High waisted skinny jeans, in “Black”
Julia: Mom jeans with a more skinny jean-esque ankle, in “Teton”
Cynthia: Mom jeans extraordinaire — think: Jeanne Damas and Alexa Chung’s denim dreams, in “San Lucas.”

Reformation Jean Comparison

Reformation Jean Sizing

Before we get into each individual pair, here’s a rundown on my size.

In other denim brands I take…
A.P.C.: 26
Levi’s: 25
Rag & Bone: 24-26 (my 2018 R&B jeans are a size 24)
Re/Done: 25

For what it’s worth, my personal dimensions…
Height: 5’5.75”
Weight: 115-117lbs

According to Reformation’s denim sizing chart, a size 25 would be best for me in all of these jeans.

Now that admin work is done, let’s get started on this Reformation jean review.

Serena High Skinny Jean


My Serena high rise skinny jeans are a size 25 vs. the Ref’s model wore a size 24 in the photo.

Reformation High Skinny Jean Sizing

Size 25 fits tight everywhere (which is a good thing). A size bigger would be too baggy.

The Ref’s Serena jeans run true to size.


Serena’s description says “do your ass a favor.”

I agree, do your ass a favor and get these. I kept them.

Denim Feels… thinner than regular skinny jeans, but heavier than a denim legging.
Fly Situation: Instead of a zip fly, it’s buttons all the way up.
Savings: 26.17 lbs of carbon dioxide, 1169.88 gallons of water and 1.41 lbs of waste.
Price: $98 USD

Julia High Cigarette Jean


My Julia High Cigarette Jeans were a size 25 vs. the Ref’s model wore a size 25 in the photo.

Reformation Cigarette Jean Sizing

Size 25 fits pretty tight around the waist and is more fitted as your leg goes on.

There’s less camel toe than the Cynthia jeans (coming up next), but still a little camel-y.

As a result, I’d say the Julia High Cigarette jeans run true to size.


The Reformation says “these are the sustainable jeans your butt prefers.”
I could be silly and say “‘yeah, my boyfriend prefers my butt in them too,” but I’m a professional.

Instead, I’ll just say that while my butt does indeed prefer this jeans, my eyes do not like the wash (“Teton”).

I returned these.

Denim Feels… not heavy duty — kinda thin and kinda cheap.
Fly Situation: Zip fly all the way up!
Savings: 27.9 lbs of carbon dioxide, 1268.2 gallons of water and 1.5 lbs of waste.
Price: $128 USD

Cynthia High Relaxed Jean


My Cynthia High Relaxed Jeans were a size 25 vs. the Ref’s model wore a size 25 in the photo.

Cynthia Reformation Jean Sizing

Size 25 fits pretty tight around the waist, but loose everywhere else, including the thighs.

As a result, the Cynthia High Relaxed jeans run a bit funny.

If you have a small waist and a big bum, these are the jeans of your dreams.


The Reformation says that these are “smart ass jeans.”
I could be silly and say “‘smart ass’ jeans?, more like dumb ass jeans — they don’t fit well!…” but I’m a professional.

Instead, I’ll just say that these jeans made my ass look great… but with a great ass comes great camel toe. Like the kind of camel toe you haven’t seen since 2005 on Perez Hilton.

I returned these.

Denim Feels… the same as the Julia jeans — unremarkable.
Fly Situation: Instead of a zip fly, it’s buttons all the way up.
Savings: 31.0 lbs of carbon dioxide, 1463.0 gallons of water and 1.8 lbs of waste.
Price: $128 USD

Reformation Returns & Customer Service

Basically, I sent my order to the wrong address. I emailed their customer service as soon as I realised my mistake (24 hours later).

Matt said he’d do what he could, but that it was really up to the FedEx Gods. Well, Matt and the Gods at FedEx successfully intercepted my package and rerouted my jeans to the correct address.

Note: This might be more on FedEx (vs. UPS who have lost 2 of my packages) than Matt, but I’ll still give him massive kudos.

After reading this review, you’ll note that I returned the Cynthia and Julia jeans, which means that we can talk about returns at Reformation.

Reformation’s return policy:

“You have 21 days from the ship date to have your return dropped off and scanned at a USPS location. Your refund will be credited to the original form of payment used to make the purchase. Please note that all apothecary, underwear, pierced jewelry, and sale items are final sale.”

My order was shipped on January 22nd, it finally arrived to the correct address on February 2nd. Even though it arrived a week late (my fault, oops!), I had to ship it back by February 12th (21 days from the original ship date).

February 5th: I dropped off the jeans at USPS.
February 11th: My return was still sitting at the post office I dropped it off at… so I emailed the Ref’s customer support.
February 11th (same day, folks): Jodie apologized for USPS’ delay and issued me a refund for the Cynthia and Julia jeans on the spot to eliminate any extra wait time.

… now that’s customer service!

Like Reformation’s other clothes, I want to love their denim. They do everything on paper right…

-Price (under $200 for jeans is pretty competitive)
-Customer service

… but the feel just trips me up. Their denim doesn’t feel like “I’ll wear these jeans everyday for the next 10 years with barely a tear” kind of quality.

reformation jeans fit

The TLDR of Reformation denim, is the same as their dresses: cool cuts, better for the environment, but not necessarily forever quality.

At that point you’re left asking yourself, “is it better to invest in one slightly more expensive, but more quality pair of timeless jeans?”

Only you can answer that.

Me? I’m happy to shimmy in my Serena High Skinny Jeans for now, but when it comes to longterm jeans? I’ll keep browsing.

Reformation Jeans are available on their website or, if you want to try on IRL, from their brick & mortar stores.

However, consider going the extra step to help the environment and buy your Ref Jeans secondhand from the Real Real.


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